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Foundation of Nursing Kidney Diseases

Question: Talk about theFoundation of Nursingfor Kidney Diseases. Answer: Presentation In the ebb and flow times, there have risen different transmittable and non-transferable maladies. The majority of the non-transferable maladies, for example, malignant growth, kidney ailments, and diabetes among others are related to a great extent with the way of life of the influenced people. In this period of modernization and globalization, individuals participate in less fiery exercises or exercise a factor that prompts weight increase and heftiness in most of the individuals. The solid load of an individual can be grouped relying upon their weight file (BMI). The ordinary scopes of BMI are somewhere in the range of 17.5 and 24.9 kg/m2 (Rippe Angelopoulos, 2012). Weight lists over these extents show that an individual is either overweight or corpulent. As per Haslam and Wittert (2014), stoutness has expanded altogether by over 100% since 1980 internationally. It is specified that by 2014, more than 1.9 billion grown-ups were overweight around the world. Among these, in excess o f 33% of them were large. Stoutness is related with various maladies that significantly incorporate cardiovascular issue and type 2 diabetes. Also, weight may prompt loss of confidence, self-assurance and general efficiency of a person because of decreased portability and inertia (Rippe Angelopoulos, 2012). In any case, the executives through way of life adjustment can associate in the anticipation of heftiness and other related maladies. Way of life change can be accomplished through wellbeing instruction arrangement to the influenced people by social insurance suppliers. Eminently, the adequacy of the preparation offered relies upon the customers formative stage (Murtagh, 2013). Subsequently this composing centers around how different formative and learning hypotheses can be used by medicinal services suppliers to adequately oversee way of life conditions, for example, corpulence while thinking about the formative phase of a person, through appraisal, finding, arranging, execution and assessment of an educating plan. Evaluation As indicated by Piagets psychological formative hypothesis, Grace who has an age of 44 years is at the 6th stage, formal operational stage. In this stage she has dynamic thinking, a factor that has helped in her partner heftiness with hindering consequences for her wellbeing (LeCroy Anthony, 2015). Furthermore, in this intellectual formative stage, she can think about the potential results of activities on her wellbeing, and subsequently it adds to the molding of her wellbeing looking for practices. Wellbeing looking for practices significantly affect the soundness of a person as it decides the hour of looking for wellbeing administrations, length and adherence to recommended treatments. In addition, at this stage, one can investigate a wellbeing danger or issue and settle it in a sensible and orderly way. In this way, this encourages an attendant to work cooperatively with the customer in taking care of the essential issue and hence adding to improved wellbeing. In any case, it is t he obligation of the medical attendant to survey the intellectual formative phase of an individual dependent on age as well as on different elements as certain individuals never arrive at formal operational stage paying little mind to their propelled age (Romano, 2015). As referenced, it is basic for the attendant to evaluate the customer dependent on their formative stage to recognize the particular needs. As per Erik Eriksons psychosocial hypothesis, Grace is at the phase of generativity versus stagnation in which individuals matured somewhere in the range of 40 and 64 years show similar necessities that should be accomplished for an individual to effectively move to the following stage without stagnation (Newman, 2016). Stagnation means that unexpected frailty that may influence enthusiastic, social, mental and physical parts of a person. A feeling of efficiency, accomplishment, and fulfillment can possibly result in Graces case on the off chance that she can effectively contribute emphatically to self, family, and network, a marvel that makes a mind-blowing most. In this manner the essential center her wellbeing is in her family, work, associations with others and society. A few conditions can keep an individual from meeting the focal undertakin gs of this center adulthood. Corpulence can prevent Grace from traveling through this stage effectively as it limits ones development starting with one spot then onto the next, diminishes efficiency and influences the social connections because of decreased confidence (Zhang, Juan, Middlestadt, Susan Cheng-Ye, 2011). Right off the bat, weight as the essential worry of Grace may not empower her to communicate love to her young kids through directing them to play out specific exercises, for example, family unit tasks and sports among others. Thusly, the youngsters may not create to be capable grown-ups as required from their formative level that expects them to learn different abilities and increase scholarly and social skills like their companions (Sa?enz, 2015). Besides, she should keep up wellbeing examples to effectively move however her momentum phase of which she may deteriorate on the off chance that she creates interminable ailments whose etiology is stoutness, for example, ty pe 2 diabetes and hypertension. Thirdly, she may not build up a feeling of solidarity with family, companions and different family members as it might encounter decreased portability and hence keeping her from going to social capacities and connecting with others. Similarly, she may not viably perform expected exercises to make an agreeable home and in her workplace, factors that can prompt absence of pride in self-achievements. She may likewise not utilize her relaxation time in an imaginative way because of the physical and passionate wellbeing confinements that are ascribed to corpulence and diminished confidence. Ultimately, at this stage, she is relied upon to turn around jobs with maturing guardians assuming any, yet in Graces case it might be hard to accomplish this as she is similarly confronted with difficulties that may deflect her from accomplishing the jobs she should perform. In this way she can't build up balance between different life angles as required in the genital phase of Sigmund Freuds psychosexual turn of events (Weber Kelley, 2014). Remarkably, she has enough inspiration for wellbeing just as having sufficient opportunity to rehearse way of life changes since she is chipping away at low maintenance premise. Similarly, she approaches a recreation center that can be utilized for recreational exercises including those that can aid the selection of solid way of life, for example, works out. Nursing Diagnosis Graces wellbeing needs require preventive measures since they are principally, chance for analyze.' Based on the appraisal information, she makes them adapt needs. Right off the bat, she has a hazard for overweight identified with unfortunate way of life rehearses. Also, she has a hazard for ceaseless low confidence identified with being overweight as prove by her verbalization on losing confidence and worry about weight. Thirdly, she has a hazard for Disturbed self-perception identified with heftiness as confirm by worry about weight gain. Fourthly, she has a hazard for incapable job execution and social communications identified with diminished versatility and absence of going to social capacities because of extreme weight increase and low confidence. Fifthly, she has a hazard for disabled child rearing identified with action narrow mindedness as prove by dynamic weight gain. Finally and in particular she has a nursing analysis of availability for improved self-wellbeing the board. Plan Before the finish of the wellbeing instruction, the customer will have the option to show her comprehension of the different manners by which she can upgrade and support her confidence by giving a concise rundown of the learning meeting. Also, the customer ought to show progress and improved wellbeing over a time of one month by getting more fit of in any event one kilogram through change of way of life. Usage As specified by Ausubel and Blooms learning hypotheses, taking in should begin from the known to the obscure and from easy to complex. He noticed that new data fits into existing information like key fits into a lock (Aliakbari, Parvin, Heidari Haghani, 2015). Along these lines, during the usage of customer instructing and learning, the arrangement ought to be chivalrous of the current information on the customer on the topic. Another noteworthy methodology that can be utilized is as indicated by Skinners hypothesis which proposes that learning can be formed in the ideal bearing if the conduct is compensated emphatically, constantly and right away. This should be possible through inspiration, consolation, acclaim and being steady genuinely and mentally by sharing examples of overcoming adversity. A helpful domain that energizes dynamic cooperation, that acknowledges the distinction in want, permits individuals to commit errors and gain from them ought to be given. The customer should feel regarded and acknowledged to encourage self-revelation and assessment just as participation. The most proper guidance techniques to be used are verbal clarifications which are comparable to address just as shows (Friedman, Cosby, Boyko, Hatton-Bauer Turnbull, 2011). These are efficient and simple to utilize strategies that can be used at some random time. Since the mediations involve way of life changes that incorporate exercise and healthful alterations, they can viably fill the need. The customer can comprehend the topic better by clarification and perception during show consequently permitting the arrangement of a wide scope of information in a constrained time. Additionally, it tends to be utilized to pace the students method of learning and make changes as important. Notwithstanding, before the showing meeting, an exercise plan ought to be arranged cooperatively to set the objectives, recognize accessible intercessions, for example, intellectual conduct treatment (CBT), i nstructing and learning helps and approaches to assess the learning (Friedman, Cosby, Boyko, Hatton-Bauer Turnbull, 2011). Assessment Learning results of the student/customer can be resolved through assessment somehow or another. As indicated by F

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Arrogance or Persistance?

Flashes was In a similar business space for more than 75 years. One day in February 2006, a man entered Sparks and began estimating the entryways and windows. I asked him for what good reason he was estimating my bar's entryway and windows. He expressed, â€Å"l am intending to redesign my new bar. † He presented himself as Eric Hamburger, stepson of my late proprietor. A few days after the fact, I got an ousting letter that requested that I expel the bar gear and decorations from the space in 60 days. I quickly began the way toward purchasing a business building o move my bar in to.I purchased a business working in the city of Lemon Grove. I had figured out how to spare about $50,000. 00 while I possessed Sparks. This cash was reserved for financing the Small Business Administration credit and to cover the application expenses for the entirety of the necessary allows and licenses. I finished the entirety of the proper applications, frames, and paid the expenses. I was sure th at I would be good to go inside the 60 days that I needed to move. I was unable to have been all the more off-base In my inure life. The city of Lemon Grove's Mayor, Ms. Mary magnificent and the LemonGrove city committee had an arrangement for the property that I had Just bought. They had a concurrence with Tipping Point Partners, a designer in La Jolly, to form the property Into a blended use super undertaking. I didn't realize that a half year preceding my endeavor to purchase the property at 3496 Main Street, the Supreme Court had maintained Keel vs†¦ New London. This law permits a city to utilize prominent area to redistribute by and by possessed land to build up extra assessment income. The city of Lemon Grove purposefully denied me any license to work a business in Lemon Grove.The rest behind their choice was to constrain default on the business property that I had bought. I had no lawful response. I needed to suck it up and take it. $60,000. 00 was gone before it was fin ished. Losing the bar cost 200 focuses on my FICO assessment. My alcohol permit and business gear have yearly and capacity expenses. Annihilating! Fascination's recruited me and my life settled. My musings were about how I was treated by some narrow minded associated individuals. This made me extremely distraught. The hard way that I was dealt with made me need to know how the procedure functioned and monastery toss a wrench here and there.I decided to run for San Diego City Council. My battle spending plan was $1,000. 00. My better half and four of my companions turned into my crusade staff. It took 11 days strolling in the locale gathering 2000 marks important to run on the polling form without paying a charge. We went to each 1 OFF for the entirety of the workplaces that were on the ballot. There was a long way to go about San Diego legislative issues. It showed up as though the entirety of the applicants were either claimed by a unique intrigue, or were feeble and insufficient. It was evident at the principal applicant's arum who was going to win the election.Todd Gloria was next in line for the workplace. He was on Congresswoman Davis' staff. He was the dear of the associations, LEGIT, and the travel industry ventures. He had 26 supports one year preceding the race. Man, was he associated! Cash was no item in making Mr†¦ Gloria a city councilman. This reality formed my methodology. I decided to utilize my appointment as a lectern honestly and bring issues up that I believed should have been tended to. A portion of the places that I took during the political race was setting network tie sun based electric frameworks on each city claimed building.San Diego Gas and Electric was upset about that. That didn't make a difference, they embraced Todd Gloria. I got an overwhelming applause at Earth Day in Balboa Park for upholding the sanctioning of pot for recreational purposes. This response caused Todd Gloria to rehash his situation from zero resistance to permitting clinical cannabis sanctioning. Our significant crusade issue was the San Diego Wastewater Treatment Plant in Point Loam. This wastewater treatment plant isn't as of now up to code in the National Pollution Discharge Permitting Elimination System.In 2008, the vast majority didn't see the coming severance and were bringing in cash by overdeveloping each market and asset in San Diego. My crusade staff was working for thoughts in those days that are well known at this point. We didn't win the political decision. We got 7. 8% of the vote. We had a feeling that we had a major effect. I have utilized this experience to guide and mentor each individual who is not kidding about rolling out an improvement in their political authority. Being seen as egotistical is certainly not a terrible thing. You don't need to win a political race to be a victor. Thoughts are infectious. You do have any kind of effect, here and there a little one I award you, yet you do have any kind of effect.

Fischer Esterification Conclusion

Barry Allahyar Dr. Dodd CHEM 2122 2010-09-16 Experiment 19: Fischer Esterification, Conclusion The target in this investigation was to proficiently play out a Fischer esterification of 1-butanol and acidic corrosive to frame water and n-butyl acetic acid derivation, and to affirm the esterification utilizing IR spectroscopy examination. It was discovered that 0. 734 grams of n-butyl acetic acid derivation was shaped with a percent yield of 61%. The item was affirmed utilizing IR spectroscopy and breaking point confirmation.The response component for this particular response was as per the following: First the protonation of a carbonyl oxygen enacts the carboxylic corrosive towards nucleophillic assault by the liquor yielding a tetrahedral middle, in which there are two identical hydroxyl gatherings. One of these hydroxyl bunches is disposed of after a proton move (tautomerism) to give water and the ester. The response is a nucleophillic acylsubstitution done under acidic states of ac idic corrosive and Dowex was likewise utilized for providing protons.The liquor utilized was 1-butanol which confines the ester to a side butyl chain. Subsequent to finishing the esterification, it was discovered that 0. 734 grams of n-butyl acetic acid derivation was framed with a percent yield of 61%. The item was affirmed utilizing IR spectroscopy and breaking point affirmation. The IR spectroscopy diagram indicated the trademark Esterâ€1735 cm-1 (C=O) solid retention, and came up short on any expansive O-H top at 3300-2500 cm-1 affirming the item as an ester.The breaking point of the last item at 121.  °C firmly coordinated to the hypothetical breaking point of n-Butyl acetic acid derivation, 126  °C. In spite of the fact that our analysis delivered a good yield of n-butyl acetic acid derivation, various mistakes could have happened in this investigation which could have restricted the measure of wanted item yielded. To start with, if insufficient corrosive impetus was ut ilized, protonation of the carbonyl gathering on the carboxylic corrosive would have been hard to get. Second, if the temperature was excessively high in warming the blend, reflux would not happen, not permitting the dissolvable to bubble and afterward recondense over into the Dean-Stark snare.

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Palestinian Conflict Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Palestinian Conflict - Essay Example The explanation credited towards such conduct has been the 'glorification of crude force, dazzle acquiescence to power, and an alarming disdain of others' (Juetten, 2004). Ethnocentrism was fundamentally dependable towards the political disappointment of the Middle East locale, and the human rights barbarities submitted by the radical powers of Israel and Palestine disturbed the circumstance. The phrasing of a country was very much characterized, and the ethnocentrism subsidiary with the Palestinian populace specifically, and the individuals of Middle East, when all is said in done, we're engaged and featured. Said is viewed as the 'significant power in the rising talk on the post-provincial', and the standards of the states were rethought. It was seen that Said mirrored a conviction towards 'scholarly analysis' (Juetten, 2004), and coordinated the verifiable and social conditions for the portrayal in useful and apparent way, to maintain a strategic distance from statement. The idea of ethnocentrism was conveyed not long after Said was ousted, and it is accepted that the outcast was an open door for Edward to 'beating intolerance and taking an outside view on the recognizable while, simultaneously, failing to be an end in itself and rather constantly associated with a craving for the arrival and standardization of the undertakings' (Juetten, 2004). The regular comprehension between the investigators of the Middle East issues and the pundits of Edward Said is that he reflected he abided in the pluralistic world, and in this way reflected 'moral cosmopolitanism, which accepts normal humankind as its objective'. Said demanded and reworded that the advancement of universalism and state overseeing standards depend on 'constant assuming of another's position' (Juetten, 2004), and discredited the idea which connected the improvement of the universalism with the deliberation. Edward Said was recently viewed as an extraordinary Palestinian scholastic, who rose as 'Pales tinians' generally popular and venerated representative' (Juetten, 2004). The examiners are of the feeling that the Palestinian circumstance profoundly impacted his 'scholarly capacities', and afterward this is to be considered as the center of the 'thought of dispossession', where the immediate reference is being towards the 'real dispossession of Palestinians or the scholarly dispossession of the colonized', where the lamented party was exposed to extreme conditions and were damaged, and their motivation was overlooked, which was at last introduced through 'crystal of oriental-ism' (Juetten, 2004). Said is viewed as the representative for the Palestinian Diaspora, however after 1992 his alliance towards the involved regions and East Jerusalem was increasingly focused, and along these lines he presented various proposition for the settlement of the guarantors, yet the recommendations were not fixated on vital stand, rather the thought process of the proposition concerning the arran gement of the undertakings of the contested state was to accomplish harmony through compromise, and conciliatory soul as opposed to geographic and segment repositioning.

American reporter said to be OK Essay Example For Students

American journalist said to be OK Essay it sucksPOLICE IN Karachi revealed to NBC News that Saeeds capture was a significant discovery and that he unveiled Pearl was as yet alive during an underlying cross examination. Independently, Jamil Yousuf, leader of a resident police contact council, cited Saeed as saying of Pearl, Hes alive. Hes OK. Nonetheless, NBCs Robert Windrem detailed that while the United States trusts Saeed assumed a focal job in the capturing, authorities are uncertain about whether he knows the whereabouts of the columnist. Saeed, a British-brought into the world Islamic activist, was captured Tuesday evening in the eastern city of Lahore and sent to Karachi for addressing, service secretary Tasneem Noorani told The Associated Press. Saeeds capture was reported one day before Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is to meet President Bush in Washington. The hijacking humiliated the Musharraf government, which is looking for U.S. help as it endeavors to battle Muslim radicalism in this prevalently Islamic nation of 147 million individuals. Relations between the United States and Pakistan have heated up essentially since the Islamabad government consented to help the U.S. war on fear based oppression in Afghanistan, where Pakistan had been a big fan of the firm stance Taliban regime.Advertisement RELEASED AFTER HIJACKINGSaeed, a 27-year-old British brought into the world Islamic aggressor, was liberated from an Indian prison in December 1999 in return for travelers of an Indian Airlines fly which was seize d on a household trip to Kandahar, Afghanistan. The child of a garments shipper from Wanstead in east London, Saeed learned at the London School of Economics. Lonnie Kelley, representative for the U.S. Office in Karachi, said they had no word on Pearls destiny and were attempting to affirm that Saeed has been captured. We are investigating it, however nothing on Daniel yet, he said. Steve Goldstein, a VP and representative for Dow Jones, the Wall Street Journals parent organization, declined to remark on whether the capture uncovered new data about Pearls snatching. We keep on staying confident, Goldstein said in a phone meet. He likewise declined to remark on particulars of the case. NOT A CAR CHASEA group of cops from the southern territory of Sindh had been in Lahore scanning for Saeed throughout the previous scarcely any days, the administration run news organization Associated Press of Pakistan detailed Tuesday. Police didn't uncover the conditions of Omars capture, yet said they had been gathering together his partners and striking their homes as of late. The police were squeezing his contacts, the Interior Ministrys Noorani told Reuters. He was gotten up p.m. (5 a.m. ET), hes being cross examined and he is being taken to Karachi where he will be additionally grilled. It wasnt a vehicle pursue or anything, he was captured calmly, Noorani included later. The main suspect is with us and were confident that will prompt the arrangement of the case.

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Controversial Book Review of Harari’s Sapiens

5 Errors in Sapiens (a Brief History of Humankind) Book Review Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari is an ambitious attempt to explain in under 500 pages the manifold forces that transformed the unassuming genus Homo into the bodacious Homo sapiens. In the pursuit of this noble goal, the author presents his readers the smorgasbord of counterfactual conditionals – what could have and might have been. Although the speculative reconstruction of human history makes for an interesting read, it is anything but new. There are scores of books like Sapiens; however, unlike dull treatises written by Christian or crudely materialistic authors, Harari’s work has become an overnight success. Despite countless negative scholarly reviews of Sapiens, the book occupies millions of coffee tables around the world. Its popularity can be attributed to a simple reason, and that is simplicity. People love it. The author moves the plot of his swashbuckling story along using far-fetched and reductionists claims about the earliest human s and their surroundings. For example, in a manner similar to that employed by sensationalistic online publications, the author proffers that wheat domesticated ancient agrarians â€Å"rather than vice versa† (Harari, 2014, p. 79). There is little surprise, then, that the book has garnered a fair share of carping and harsh academic criticism. The aim of this paper is to review Sapiens and discuss its most egregious drawbacks and problems with Harari’s reasoning. The review will also address two questions: â€Å"What is the book Sapiens about?† and â€Å"What lessons does the book Sapiens give?† It will be argued that the history of sapiens eloquently recounted by Harari should be recognized for what it is: science-fiction rather than a serious scholarly work. Discussion for the Book Sapiens Raises Stinging Questions In the book, which is often found among college reading materials and lesson plans high school, the historian broaches the themes of geography, sociology, Christianity, in particular, and religion, in general. Naturally, Harari’s work is a welter of book club questions. To the author’s credit, it should be mentioned that research behind Sapiens book is immense; this fact notwithstanding, there are many issues with its application. Is Sapiens an authentic book on evolution? Hardly. Although many propositions put forward by the author are based in scientific evidences, the drawn conclusions are of dubious validity. For example, when trying to answer the question of â€Å"How did homo sapiens develop?†, Harari resorts to religion. No, he does not use religious teaching as a basis for his arguments. Instead, he echoes Genesis stories to illustrate relationships between evolution, humans and morality, as well as, pass judgment on the human race. Specifically, agricult ural revolution from Sapiens book reverberates with the story of Cain and Abel. The historian posits that the first agrarian who tilled the soil committed a crime the results of which are only overshadowed by that of animal husbandry. In an excerpt animal farming Harari asserts that the practice â€Å"might well be the greatest crime in history† (Harari, 2014, p. 112). He makes similarly sweeping moral judgments by comparing cognitive revolution to the original sin and the scientific revolution to the Tower of Babel. The writer bemoans certain aspects of the technological progress and their wider social implications. Specifically, he points to the blurred boundaries between therapeutic and enhancement applications of pharmaceutical drugs arguing against the latter. At the same time, Harari claims that ethical and moral frameworks are fundamentally fictional and should be regarded as such. If at this point, it is not abundantly clear why the book is not a convincing academic a nalysis, consider the author’s opinion on the information society: â€Å"irresponsible† and â€Å"discontented† â€Å"self-made gods† (Harari, 2014, p. 314). Such comments account for unfavorable reception by anthropology and downgrade the book to the science-fiction category. WRITE MY BOOK REPORT Is Wrong to Heed Sapiens Criticism? Is Sapiens accurate? No. The book’s flawed claims have been debunked numerous times. The large number of errors has been surpassed by the even larger number of negative responses to the book Sapiens. Academic critiques and controversy notwithstanding, it is wrong to call the Harari’s work bad. It seems that cynical readers leaving depressing reviews on Goodreads have been sidetracked by sensationalism and exaggeration and missed the author’s main point: the evolutionary arc is long, but it bends toward progress. And in his treatise, Harari makes strained efforts to point the yesterday’s nomadic tribes toward it. Even though a Brief History of Humankind critical book analysis exposes severe inconsistencies in the author’s reasoning, one should not be dissuaded by it. The book is overhyped, but it is extremely illuminating and mordantly funny, which is why it is still worthy of one’s time. Wondering â€Å"who can write me Sapiens book review criticism?† How about the author of this article? They will write you a powerful review in only several hours! GET BOOK REVIEW Sapiens Book Best Quotes Sapiens is awash with brainy quotes one could use to open a speech or cite in an essay. In one of many quotes on capitalism, Harari notes that the system is a social construct: â€Å"How do you cause people to believe in an imagined order such as Christianity, democracy or capitalism? First, you never admit that the order is imagined† (2014, p. 179). Another memorable Sapiens book quote on the matter is â€Å"money, social status, plastic surgery, beautiful houses, powerful positions – none of these will bring you happiness† (Harari, 2014, p. 184). BUY BOOK REVIEW PAPER

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Composing An Ethical Story Right And Wrong Behavior - 550 Words

Composing An Ethical Story: Right And Wrong Behavior (Essay Sample) Content: COMPOSING AN ETHICAL STORYStudents NameInstitutional AffiliationINTRODUCTIONEthics is an important tool needed in today's society. It is a branch of philosophy that involves defending, systematizing and recommending the concept of right and wrong behaviour. The term is derived from a Greek word Ethos which means custom, habit, character or disposition. Ethics covers the following dilemmas, how to live a good life, our rights and responsibilities, the language of right and wrong, moral decision based on what is good and bad.Ethical concepts are derived from religions, philosophies and culture. They infuse debate on controversial issues in contemporary society. They are grouped into four categories. The principle of respect for autonomy, stating that we have an obligation to respect the decision made by others concerning their lives, the principle of beneficence stating that we have an obligation to bring good in all our actions, the principle of nonmaleficence whereby we have an obligation not to harm others and the principle of justice where we have an obligation to provide others with whatever they are owed or deserve. Character is nurtured through ethical stories, fables, fairy tale, and currently, movies are an essential tool in promoting good morals in the society.NarrativeAt childhood ethical stories were given to instil a certain moral lesson that would help them even at old age. A lion lay asleep in the forest resting. A timid little mouse came upon him and in fear tried to get away but ran across lion's nose. Roused from his sleep, the lion tried to kill her. "Spare me" begged the poor mouse. "Please let me go and I will be in your debt". The lion was amused to think that the mouse would help him, but he let her go. Some day later while hunting, the lion was trapped in a hunter's net. Unable to free himself, he roared and mouse heard and recognized the voice. The mouse came to the lion's rescue and gnawed through the rope and soon the li on was free. "You laughed when I said I would repay you", said the mouse, "Now you know that even a mouse can help a lion."The moral of the story was kindness is never wasted. Every good deed has a way of getting back to us. Therefore the spirit of kindness has been deeply rooted in my culture of interaction with people. This has taught me how to live a right and harmonious life. Man is not an island and it's the virtue of kindness that brings us together and helps to deal with our daily life struggles.A young man went to apply for a managerial position in a big company. He passed the first interview, but the director wa...