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Literary Analysis of Night

The Holocaust changed the lives of many people and survivors and had many adverse effects. Some began to question their faith in their beliefs and even questioned their god. They pondered upon the thought of how God could sit idly by and allow the atrocious actions committed within their own homeland be unjustified. Those that survived have many terrifying stories to tell. Many survivors are too frightened to tell their story because their experiences are too lurid to express in words or even comprehend. One of Wiesel's main objectives in writing Night is to remind readers that the Holocaust occurred, and hopes that it will never happen again. Night themes include the inhumanity of humans toward others and how death can cause potent harm to one’s psyche. In Night, Elie Wiesel uses many literary devices such as Tone, Imagery, and Repetition to portray the acts of death and inhumanity as well as their traumatizing effects. Elie Wiesel uses repetition to clearly state and emphasize what he has endured and shall never falter or be forgotten but shall always linger within the confines of his forever scarred conscience. Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp, which has turned my life into one long night, seven times cursed and seven times sealed. Never shall I forget that smoke. Never shall I forget the little faces of the children, whose bodies I saw turned into wreaths of Ingles 2 Smoke beneath a silent blue sky. Never shall I forget those flames which consumed m y faith forever. Never shall I forget that nocturnal silence which deprived me, for all eternity, of the desire to live. Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust. Never shall I forget these things, even if I am condemned to live as long as God Himself. Never. † (Pg. 32) This quote displays not only the horrifying acts that were committed but the effects it had on the author’s conscience. Also, notice that Eliezer states that his God was murdered. â€Å"For the first time, I felt revolt rise up in me. Why should I bless His name? The Eternal, Lord of the Universe, the All-Powerful and Terrible, was silent. †(Pg. 31) But in the final line Eliezer acknowledges him as God. Despite saying his God was murdered, it is clear that Eliezer is actually struggling with his faith and his God. Just as he is never able to forget the horror of that night, he is never able to reject completely disdain his religion. Elie Wiesel uses imagery to depict explicitly what happened within the concentration camps. The imagery used in Night also gave the readers a sense of what Eliezer endured and the many horrors he encountered during his time spent within the camps. â€Å"Babies were thrown into the air and the machine gunners used them as targets† (Pg. 4)

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Key Provisions of Contemporary Social Policy

â€Å"Social Policy is the way that governments attempt to ensure that all citizens can lead a fulfilling and responsible life. † (Mullard, 1995) So what is Social Policy? – When asked this question I find it quite difficult to explain in terms that are easy enough for everyone to understand, therefore I have done research in order to find a simple explanation. I particularly like Hartley Dean’s definition, ‘Social Policy is the study of human wellbeing’ he also states that ‘Social Policy, involves the study of human wellbeing, the social relations necessary for wellbeing and the systems by which wellbeing may be promoted. In my opinion this explanation is clear, concise and makes it easy to understand. (Dean, 2005). Our thoughts and ideas of childhood as a social construction have altered noticeably over the last ten years. The development of constructions of childhood has steadily become more intricate as the numbers of theories rise. Through research of early examples of childhood this essay sets out to describe how contemporary thinking of childhood has developed through complex patterns of sociological deliberation and political, cultural and historical pressures. (Kehily, p. 2-12). During the past 10 years, the changing attitudes and arising problems within the state-parent-child relationship has stirred a vast amount of concern leading to the need for further research; which in turn has lead to new policy proposals. It is widely believed that the lack of support given to families, due to the collapse of communities working together in harmony, is impacting on the current, wider spread, social problems within our families. It has become more predominant that state-parent-child relationships play an important role in the wellbeing of today’s children. Barnes et al. 2006). Having an understanding of Social Policy offers us guidelines which in turn promotes our abilities to ensure the well-being, needs and rights of children are being met. Working towards these guidelines set by the government we are able to help change and reduce the power disparity between children and adults; allowing children to have a say on decisions that will impact on their future l ives through listening to the individuals thoughts and opinions whilst considering that children have rights too. It is of upmost importance, that those working with children use this approach, continually keeping up-to-date with current laws and legislation within this area. Having an understanding of how social policy has changed over the years is also an important factor to consider; giving us a clear understanding of how policies and legislation have changed in order to improve outcomes for children in relation to available resources, shared responsibilities and managing risk. Yet social policy, unlike law, has the potential to be proactive – to set in place a series of principles that define a just and inclusive society and practical but flexile ways of implementing them†. (Hendrick, 2008, p. 336) In the UK, Parliament is responsible for making changes to law. Parliament is made up of the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Queen, they must all agree to any new law before it can be passed and become an Act of Parliament. There is not just a single law in place to prote ct children but a multitude of laws, legislation and guidance which cover all aspects of children’s care in the UK. (Alcock et al. 008, p. 19-25). Past information about social policy offers us a view of the past and how it has changed, as Harold Perkin said â€Å"We want to know not only what laws were made or battles fought or even how men [sic] got their living, but what it felt like to be alive, how men [sic] in history – not merely kings and popes, statesmen and tycoons – lived and worked and thought and behaved towards each other. † (Perkin, 1981, p. 24) In 1945 the Welfare State was created, this offered a new focal point towards the children’s physical health to coincide with earlier worries about the mind and mental health of children’s development. At this time a rising importance on preventive care became prominent, looking at the family and its relationship with the State. These ideas developed slowly during the 1960’s – 70’s and it was recognised that a child should be dealt with â€Å"as a whole and continuously developing person† (Hendrick, 1994, p. 263). At this point in time the child became more permitted to have individual rights, giving them responsibilities and freedom from â€Å"traditionally passive and often repressive protection† (Hendrick, 1994, p. 57). Worries cropped up with regard to the â€Å"balance between too much and too little intervention† and particularly between â€Å"competing claims of parents, children, social workers and local authority social services departments† (Hendrick, 1994, p. 273). The Prevention of Cruelty to and Protection of Children Act 1889 was the first law to enforce criminal penalties in the hope to discourage abuse and neglect of children. This legislation is contained within the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 which was introduced to protect children from ‘cruelty and exposure to moral and physical danger’ (p. ), some parts of this act are still used today but more current guidance can be found in the newer Children’s Act 1989. (Youth Justice Board, 2006). This act was set up to help improve and simplify the overabundance of laws concerning children. Lord Chancellor Lord Mackay of Clashfern had said it was â€Å"the most comprehensive and far-reaching reform o f child law which has come before Parliament in living memory†. The Children’s Act 1989 set out to help keep children safe and well, within their environment and to provide the necessary provisions where possible, to allow the child to live within their own family structure. Today’s child protection system has been developed from the Children’s Act 1989. The Children’s Act 1989 requires local councils to make available a variety of services to all children especially those with disabilities, health and development issues; these services are intended to help keep children safe and well. Following the Children Act 1989 many new laws have been passed to improve the ways in which children are protected. (NSPCC, 2010) In September 1989 the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) was introduced – as the first legally binding treaty that was to be used internationally. This treaty gave children and young people under 18 years, throughout the world, human rights (civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights) equal to those over 18 years; giving them the extra care and protection which was much needed. The UNCRC set out what rights children have, along with how the government should safeguard those rights. This allows children and young people around the world to have an authoritative way to preserve their human rights, allowing them to act in accordance with the law if their rights within this act are not met. The UK Government did not agree to follow the UNCRC until 1991. Below are just a few of the rights of children under the Convention on the Rights of the Child which can be found at http://www. unicef. org/crc/files/Rights_overview. pdf. (Fact Sheet) Article 3. The best interests of children must be the primary concern in making decisions that may affect them. All adults should do what is best for children. When adults make decisions, they should think about how their decisions will affect children. This particularly applies to budget, policy and law makers. Article 6. Children have the right to live. Governments should ensure that children survive and develop healthily. Article 27. Children have the right to a standard of living that is good enough o meet their physical and mental needs. Governments should help families and guardians who cannot afford to provide this, particularly with regard to food, clothing and housing. Article 36. Children should be protected from any activity that takes advantage of them or could harm their welfare and development. There are a total of 54 articles contained within the UNCRC, all of which are equally important and linked with each other, therefore working well together and easy to understand. Every child should be made aware of their rights (article 42), as it is our duty to safeguard their rights and ensure they have opportunities to live in a safe environment with all of their needs being met. In my opinion if a child is aware of their rights they are less likely to be exploited, giving them an understanding of how they can expect to be treated and hopefully have a voice that can be heard. A child friendly poster has been produced with the articles set out in laymen’s terms allowing children to understand their rights more easily. (UNICEF). Children around the world are subject to neglect and abuse and all because adults are failing to protect them. Throughout the UK during the past years progressions in human rights and civil rights have improved alongside those rights of the child. The eradication of physical punishment in schools and attempts to ban the smacking of children by parents shows us that the rights of the child are being listened too. It has been argued by Kay that until recently children didn’t really have individual rights; she believed that their rights were ‘conferred via their parents’ (2001, p. 14). This is where children’s rights were ignored, not allowing the child to have a say or be listened to. Social work has been critiqued by Smith for ‘lagging behind legal expectations of consultation with children’. (1996, pg 55). Some of the criticisms have been focused around the lack of taking into account the needs of each child as an individual and not fully listening to the child’s own wishes during proceedings. Social services have regularly been criticised for failing some children through lack of support and services to the families when they were needed. Even turning a blind eye in some cases, thus having a detrimental effect on children, predominantly ‘looked after’ children and those in need, unfortunately some cases have resulted in devastating circumstances for some children. Victoria Climbie is one of those unfortunate children; she died at the age of 8 years in February 2000 while living with her carers. She was subjected to physical and mental abuse but no-one noticed. Her death led to an independent inquiry which helped shape and change safeguarding polices for children in England. The inquiry was chaired by Lord Laming in April 2001 (alongside 4 other professional assessors). Laming carried out his research by contacting all that were involved in the care of Victoria before her death, this involved 277 witness statements and 158 witnesses. Through these inquiries it was established that her bereavement was avertable on 12 individual instances. Through Laming’s inquiry it came to light that services involved in the care of children were not working together or sharing information, some difficulties had arisen due to low staffing levels and available resources. Lord Laming gave a speech about his inquiries on 25th January 2003 saying â€Å"I well recognise that the frontline services charged with the protection of children have a difficult and demanding task. Adults who deliberately harm, neglect or exploit the vulnerability of children often go to great lengths to conceal their behaviour. (Laming, 2003). Laming found that if services had intervened just a little in the case of Victoria her death could have been avoided. As a result of the inquiry, 108 recommendations were made to change to local services; these recommendations had to be acted on swiftly. Following Lord Laming’s report on Victoria Climbie’s death the government responded by writing two reports, the Keeping Children Safe report (DFE, 200 3) and the Every Child Matters green paper (DFE, 2003) which resulted in the Children Act 2004. This act introduced further laws and legislation in respect of protecting children from harm and neglect, particular emphasis was put onto safeguarding children requiring local authorities to implement Local Safeguarding Children Boards. The Children Act 2004 did not substitute or modify much of the Children Act 1989, but improved and expanded it, offering guidance on how services could work together to improve outcomes for children. (Barker, 2008) The Every Child Matters green paper was intended to look at how to prevent incidents like that of Victoria’s instead of picking up the pieces nd was built around four key issues. (Cleaver & Walker, 2004, p. 7) * Strengthen the support available to those around the child, families and carers. * Make sure intervention takes place before it’s too late for the child, protecting them from harm and slipping through the net. * Looking at the problems acknowledged and failings for Victoria within Lord Laming’s report. * Making sure that those working with children are valued, rewarded, trained and kept up-to-date with current policy. It also identified five outcomes for children; this set out guidelines to enable every child to reach the Every Child Matters outcomes: to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being. The themes and outcomes set out within the Every Child Matters were put in place to ensure that no child/young person should fall through the net again and so all children have opportunities to achieve their full potential no matter what their circumstances. This has been done by looking at failures in education, reducing health problems, addressing substance/drug abuse and tackling anti-social behaviour amongst young people and adults. Research shows that early involvement and support is vital in improving the well-being of children. Proposals set out to offer much needed support for parents and carers so that children can receive the protection and assistance from the onset of difficulties no matter what their background. Services were improved by setting up Children’s trusts with multi-agencies working closely together with other services, offering better services to families in local areas. Through the closer network of services (multi-agency) working together information can be closely monitored and shared between all professionals connected to the child, giving a clearer picture of the child’s story. (Barker, 2008). Hopefully as services are now working closer together, the case of Victoria will not be repeated, Lord Laming’s report highlighted so many poor judgment calls that could have been avoided. â€Å"On each occasion that Victoria was admitted to hospital vitally important information went unrecorded and staff failed to act on their suspicions and observations. Telling marks on Victoria were seen and then all but ignored†. (Laming, 2001) To make certain the Every Child Matters targets are met, the government established a new set of regulatory plans and forms of inspection using the Care Standards Act 2000. This act created the National Care Standards Commission, setting out national minimum standards which were to be used in children’s homes, fostering services, boarding schools and residential special schools. Regulatory frameworks were also created, e. g. National Service Frameworks to be used for children in health care settings. (DFE, 2003). The Warner Report set out new guidelines for recruiting staff to work within child care homes at the end of 1992. This report set out to lessen the risk of abuse to children who were in care and was produced due to a string of high profile court cases. It was hoped that by introducing a Criminal Record Check on possible staff would help to find the ‘right’ kind of person to work with children in care. CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks are used to verify details of the individual, establishing whether a perspective employee has any convictions that prohibit them from working with children or other vulnerable members of society. Anyone that works regularly with children or is in contact with children (including foster care, adoption or childminders) must have a CRB check to ensure there suitability in order to protect the child. In 1999 the Protection of Children Act was approved and offered a legal foundation for lists to be produced of unsuitable people who had in the past been registered on an informal basis. The Department of Health was satisfied that all councils had produced policies and procedures in 2002 which met the requirements of the Warner Report but not all were consistent in their implementation of these requirements. Wilson & James, 2007, p. 186-8). The Children and Young Persons Act 2008 arose from the Government’s White Paper, Care Matters: Time for change, (DFE, 2007), the purpose of the act was to offer higher quality care, outcomes and services for those children in care. The intention of this Act was to modify the legislative framework for the care system in England and Wales, it formed part of the Government’s programme to guarantee children and young people are always able to access high quality care and support. It also included the requirements set out so that children and young people’s well-being needs were met in all forms of care. It requires public officials to notify the Local Safeguarding Children Board of all child deaths so they can be fully investigated to ensure there has been no wrong doing, allowing the Secretary of State to carry out research and requests for the release of Emergency Protection Orders. (The National Archives, 2008) The Equality Act 2010 was brought in to replace all previous equality legislation, providing some of the changes that schools should be aware of. The majority of the new laws and legislation are the same as previously, for example, schools must not ‘unlawfully discriminate against pupils because of their sex, race, disability, religion or belief and sexual orientation’. Some changes include; it is now unlawful to discriminate against a transgender pupil, it is now ‘unlawful to discriminate against a pupil who is pregnant or has recently had a baby’. Further details can be found through the Department of Education. (DFE, 2011). In June 2010 Professor Eileen Munro was commissioned to write a review report on the current issues surrounding Child Protection the completed report, named the Munro Report, was published in May 2011. The completed report set out radical changes to improve the current systems in place for the protection of children. It was recommended that local areas should be given more freedom to build up their own effective child protection services, instead of having to concentrate on meeting central government targets. The report also outlines her concerns that â€Å"a one-size-fits-all approach to child protection is preventing local areas from focusing on the child†, highlighting the need for agencies involved in the protection of children to have a more open mind, dealing with cases individually and using past incidents for learning and development, ensuring future training is compliant with the new regulations making it easily accessible to all involved. It has come to light through the Munro Report that the needs of the child should come first, the amount of paperwork previously involved has been getting in the way of important children’s outcomes. (Munro, 2011) As Professor Eileen Munro said â€Å"A one-size-fits-all approach is not the right way for child protection services to operate. Top down government targets and too many forms and procedures are preventing professionals from being able to give children the help they need and assess whether that help has made a difference. (2011) Gordon Brown described child poverty as a ‘scar on the soul of Britain’ (2000). The lives of children and families living in poverty throughout the the UK are subjected to social exclusion. ‘In Britain and other English-speaking countries, the general public and its political representatives expect the child protection system to anticipate and prevent child abuse. Yet a major factor in many cases of child maltreatment is so mething that, except in marginal ways, child protection professionals can do very little about: poverty and social exclusion. ’ (Beckett, 2007, p. 69). Unfortunately professionals working in the child protection circle have their hands tied when it comes to dealing with ‘poverty and structural inequalities’ and are unable to do much about it, saying this it is of upmost importance that child protection workers do have an understanding of the implications poverty brings so that they can be supportive and considerate to the families they come into contact with. ‘Poverty is a source of stress – and stress, we know, can push people who otherwise would have coped quite adequately into abusive or neglectful parenting’. Beckett, 2007, p169). As we look at the social systems in place, it is more often than not impractical to expect to discover a prime cause of why neglect, abuse or poverty has emerged. It is an understandably known fact that poverty i s responsible for high levels of stress within the family and it is often found that stress is definitely a major cause of child abuse and neglect, leading us to possibly believe that children who are abused and neglected often do come from poor families. Children that do come from socially deprived backgrounds appear to suffer with considerably inferior mental and physical health issues, poverty is experienced in so many areas but do we really know how to deal with it? It is thought that the UK is a rich country with a high level of wealth compared to many international standards but many people in the UK are still tormented by economic and social deprivation. Child poverty levels within Britain are a particular cause for concern, with varying issues such as single parent families, unemployment and the cost of child care all of which play an important role, contributing to the ever increasing risks of poverty. Poverty has a detrimental effect on many aspects of people’s lives, from unemployment, leading to lack of money, poor housing, low or no self-esteem etc. , it doesn’t just affect the adults but children feel the knock on effect often suffering in silence. How can child protection workers protect the children of poor people without contributing to the stress that may be one of the major causes of child maltreatment in the first place? ’ (Beckett, 2007, p. 180). Understandably parents / carers often find the intervention of social workers too much to take, making them feel inadequate in caring for their own children, thus having a detrimental effect on the work social workers do to try and make family life more man ageable, giving children the pportunities to thrive within their family circle. Although the Convention on the Rights of the Child was introduced over ten years ago there are still areas in the UK which are still struggling to put into practice all of the guidelines. It is clear to see there have been vast changes for the better surrounding the protection of children over the years. Laws and legislation have improved dramatically placing a clearer awareness of children's rights since the Children Act was first put into practice. Typically, authors write from their own national perspective, with an historical overview of policy developments being presented along with a more detailed treatment of the most recent policy developments’. (Hudson, Kuhner ; Lowe, 2010, p. 7) It is interesting to see that some of the original ideas and guidelines are still in place today but it is equally important to remember there will always be room for further improvements. So therefore it is of u pmost importance to continually reflect on and act upon new laws and legislation as they arise. I particularly like the wise words of Sir Francis Bacon ‘knowledge is power’ and acting upon the knowledge we are given gives us the opportunities to help and improve the lives of children in our care. As Lord Laming said at the end of his report into the Victoria Climbie inquiry â€Å"I hope it will be used in the training of staff not least as a stark warning of the damage that can be done to children as a result of bad practice. Too many inquires have had to be held following terrible harm to a child. I and my colleagues hope that this will be the last†. (2001)

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Electrical Engineering Project of Jewish General Hospital Research Paper

Electrical Engineering Project of Jewish General Hospital - Research Paper Example The purpose of this project was to perform extensive repairs to the old emergency generator #1 located in the basement floor of the Jewish General Hospital (JGH). Many of these repairs consisted of replacing the starters of the generator, replacing the hoses and probes for temperature and pressure, and replacing the wiring of the generator’s engine. In addition, the alternator had to be dismantled in order for Hewitt Equipment Limited Inc. to verify it, clean it, and replace the bearings. However, we realized that it would be impossible for Hewitt Inc. workers to move the alternator out of its present location due to the fact that it was too big compared to the entrance door of that room. Therefore, my role as a project manager was to contact an entrepreneur that will create a new opening as well as install new doors in that room in order for â€Å"Hewitt Inc.† workers to be able to move the alternator out the room without any issues. To do so, I first had to contact an architect known as David Gordon from â€Å"Rubin & Rotman associates† for drawings of the proposed opening and the dimensions of the new doors. For example, Mr. Gordon recommended that only a double door made out of insulated with thermal breezes must be installed in the generator’s room. He also mentioned that the double door must have an opening angle of 180 degrees as well as a fire resistance of 90 minutes. Furthermore, I had to approve the drawings sent by the architect before proceeding with the project and fill out a â€Å"direct purchase requisition† of $4500 for all of the professional services in architecture. It was important to know that the architect was also responsible for coordinating all of the architectural work, which consisted of a new opening and the installation of new doors in the generator’s room, with the subcontractors.     

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Olympia, ancient game effect art and religion and vice versa Research Paper

Olympia, ancient game effect art and religion and vice versa - Research Paper Example These religious rituals ultimately transformed into Olympic Games1. Nothing exactly can be said about the occurrence of the first Olympic Games. However, it is believed that Olympic Games were held first time in 776 B.C. To some extent, Olympic Games helped to change the war-like situation among the city states into a temporary peace as Sparta, the most aggressive city state, used to lull sending its warriors into battle until the games are over. This tradition was followed by other city states in true letter and spirit. Surprisingly, women had been forbidden to take part in the games. Death penalty was awarded to them even if they watched these games. However, in 396 B.C., a woman from Rhodes broke this tradition by watching Olympic Games. According to narrated story, his husband died before the event and hence she prepared her son for the boxing competition. She watched the game of her son in disguised as man but caught after jubilant shouts. Her death penalty was pardoned as a special case. Milo of Croton was considered as the greatest athlete of ancient games. He won the wrestling crown six times in 500 B.C. It is narrated that he was so powerful that he used to carry a full grown bull on his shoulders. Artists from all over the Greek used to witness the event. The famous Greek poet, Pindar wrote many odes narrating the capabilities and potential of the winners of the game. The buildings which were constructed in Olympia portrayed the rich heritage of Greek architecture2. There was a strong relationship among Olympic Games, religion and art in ancient times as well as in modern day of the games. The charter of modern Olympic Games coined a term ‘Olympism’ that it defines as â€Å"a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind†. Thus, the term ‘Olympism’ describe a religion without divinity3. The Olympic Games in Greek were being played with

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Group project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Group project - Essay Example ication of the value that an organization’s product or service has to offer, social media is one tool that is being used by organizations throughout the world to communicate their product’s value. The use of social media in order to enlighten internal as well as external customers regarding the value of a product as well as a service is regarded as social media marketing. Social media marketing has existed for several years since the internet became accessible by the common population. Organizations started to realize its great importance and impact when websites were introduced. The term social media marketing used in present day is mostly used to refer to the marketing activities that are conducted by marketers with the use of several social networking outlets. These outlets have completely redefined the practice of marketing and are no longer limited to the way marketing was performed with the use of internet websites. Several social media outlets have been created to further assist marketers in attracting new as well as retaining old customers. Some of the most famous social media marketing outlets that are explored by marketers throughout the world on daily basis includes the Facebook, Twitter, mobile phones, Google+ and various others. The introduction of these social media outlets has resulted in helping the marketers to perform their marketin g activities in a much effective and efficient manner. These media outlets help marketers in performing various roles that they were performing without these innovations but in a much comprehensive manner as compared to before the existence of social media. There are various organizations that have successfully implemented the use of social media in their businesses and have benefited a great deal. One such company is the Domino’s Pizza which is very successful running pizza chain. The organization published a video on the social media of YouTube and the video was focused on a prank. The video became highly

Should The Government Have Control Over The Minimum age requirement to Research Paper

Should The Government Have Control Over The Minimum age requirement to get Married - Research Paper Example (Popper) In most of the Arab countries most of the underage marriage occurs without the permission of the girls. They were unaware about what marriage is all about and also the consequences of underage marriage. They were forced to follow the custom at an early age when they were mostly studying at their schools. Though underage marriage is common in Arab countries, western culture is also not far behind. One of the recent news paper reports from America has shown that a girl of 13 conceived from a boy of 15. Though most of the states in America has prohibited marriage below 18 years some states allow such marriages if the girl happens to be conceived from a boy who is ready to marry her without the consent of the parents. In some countries underage marriage is a custom while in some other countries, poverty forces people to engage in such things. But in countries like America, the above factors are not at all prevalent but still underage marriage occurs because of the cultural problems and attitudes of young children. The question is should the governments put restrictions on underage marriage or staying together. Though in countries like Saudi Arabia, underage marriage is a tradition, in other poor countries like Yemen, which observe tribal traditions; girls are married to older husbands even before puberty because of poverty. (U.S. calls Saudi child marriage a rights violation) Marriage before a girl attains puberty will cause lot of physical and psychological problems to the girl. A girls before puberty may not be matured enough to understand the consequences of marriage and also if she conceives at an early age, she may not be able to withstand with the immense psychological problems occurs at pregnancy period. Even girls over 21 years find it difficult to adopt with the psychological changes happen at the pregnancy period. Apart from psychological problems, underage marriage often results in the destruction of physical health of the girl who

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Accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Accounting - Essay Example It also caters to a wide variety of financial services like short and long term financing, credit cards, working capital, etc. UPS was founded in 1907 and has its origin in Atlanta, Georgia (United Parcel Services, Inc. (UPS) n.d.). Companies, big or small need to analyze how their business is faring. With big organizations like FedEx Express and UPS, whose operations are from continent to continent, the need to inform its creditors and stockholders how their respective financial operations are faring is essential to attract more solid investments in order to maintain overhead costs, increase yearly profits and gain the public trust for a better flow of business. To identify and project a company’s financial condition, financial ratio analysis is often used to evaluate the financial stability of a certain entity. Financial ration analysis falls into the following categories (Credit Research Foundation, 1999): By taking a look at the above sample computations for FedEx Express and UPS, the ratios indicate that both companies are adequately liquid and could cover up for any financial loss without losing their creditors’ investments. Using financial ratios to directly compare the financial standing of companies using a different accounting method or flow different accounting practices is not feasible. However, there is no world wide standard for calculating the data But if investment is to be made, a good investor would not only look at the financial statements and calculate ratios. Other factors must be taken into consideration like how long has the company been around, the stock value of the company and the coverage of its operations. Given the history of FedEx and UPS it could be seen that United Parcels Services, Inc. has been around longer being founded in 1907 while FedEx was found in 1971. However, investors also look at the fluctuation of stock prices of the company shares. The stock

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What do you think has been the most profound and enduring consequence Essay

What do you think has been the most profound and enduring consequence of colonialism in Africa Can it be said that colonialism had positive consequences - Essay Example onists normally govern the possessions, work force, and the trading aspects of the colony, and may enforce certain rules on the local people of that particular colony. In Africa, colonialism has most profound and enduring consequences that can either be positive or negative consequences. This paper, therefore, highlights some of the most profound and enduring consequences of colonialism, in Africa. It further argues whether or not colonialism had positive consequences, in Africa. The process of colonialism on the African land significantly transformed its account forever. Every way of living of the Africans changed completely from the way they think to culture, which were forever put in place by the change in their political system that was brought about by the process of colonialism (Thomson 67). The economy of Africa also transformed due to the slave trade through imperialism and the economic strategies that were imposed by the colonists. The major impacts and long lasting effects of colonialism, in Africa, include racial discrimination to Africans, tribal violence, and total poverty. According to Ali Mazrui, racial expression is the major lasting effect of colonialism in Africa, taking the example of the South African’s apartheid era, which took a long time to end even after they got their independent from the European colonists (Mazrui 116). The Europeans most awful heritage was the presence of the White racist state, which existed up to the year 1994, in South Africa. Apartheid was an acceptable racial discrimination method that was centered upon different ethnic backgrounds in South Africa. The people of South Africa were discriminated according to their races, and the local black population was denied the citizenship (Mazrui 112). The Whites were offered quality education, proper housing, good jobs, and excellent medical care. The apartheid system was so unreasonable with only whites who were less than te n percent trying to rule upon a larger population

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Germany Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 16

Germany - Essay Example He was excluded and spent his time of seclusion to translate the new testament into German and later got back to Wittenberg, married and that is how Protestant and Lutheran started. He entered Erfurt Monastery in 1505 and joined the Augustinian Order of Hermit as he learnt the Bible and Catholic teachings. He first read the Bible in 1503 that was rarely read and was happy when he came back from the library. By the time he hid in Wartburg Castle between 1521 to 1522, he translated the New Testament from Latin to German dialect. The protestant renovation began as a movement of doctrinal and moral reform (Gonzalez, 2010 p. 1188). The reformation had been infusing crosswise Europe for a couple of years. Luther was lucky to have a protector as well as supporter known as Fred the Wise. Gonzalez (2010 p. 1192) states that the creation of the portable kind by Gutenberg and this also meant that the books, pamphlets, Bibles and many more belonging to Martin Luther could be widely dispersed

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Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ralph Waldo Emerson - Essay Example Majority of Emerson’s works are in form of essays and poems. He published his first essay titled Nature in 1836 but he refrained from giving his name to the essay. The author of the essay was given as anonymous. In Nature, Emerson portrayed nature as a divine entity and its significance in the spiritual lives of human beings. He gave a meaning to the role played by nature in human lives. He describes the various facets of nature and its relation with wise man. â€Å"Nature never wears a mean appearance. Neither does the wisest man extort her secret, and lose his curiosity by finding out all her perfection. Nature never became a toy to a wise spirit.† (Emerson Nature). Emerson also states his own experiences when he is in company of the nature. When he amidst nature, he feels the presence of God around him and he perceives himself as a part of God. â€Å"Standing on the bare ground, -- my head bathed by the blithe air, and uplifted into infinite space, -- all mean egoti sm vanishes. I become a transparent eye-ball; I am nothing; I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God.† (Emerson Nature).The spiritual aspect of nature which was a new concept to the American society was put forth by Emerson in his essay. In another essay focusing on nature, Emerson writes about the influence of nature in aiding human beings to free themselves from the bindings of the Church and society.

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The characters in Of Mice and Men Essay Example for Free

The characters in Of Mice and Men Essay Many of the characters in Of Mice and Men have dreams. What are their dreams and how near are any of them to achieving what they want? Many characters have dreams and aspirations in the story Of Mice and Men and try to achieve them in different ways. Many characters have dreams and I will be discussing the dreams of: Candy, Crooks, Curley and his wife. Candy, Crooks and Curley wife all have similar dreams, which is to have freedom and equality. All three characters are treated with very little respect and are seen as lower class due to race, gender, age or disability. Dreams are very important to the characters as they help them to escape from reality even if only for a short while. Their dreams are also significant as they are hope that things will get better and are vital to keep spirits high. However, many peoples dreams were affected by the economic downfall that America experienced. The story is set in the 1930s, which was when America experienced the Wall Street crash. This was when the stock market collapsed and many Americans lost thousands of dollars they had invested. This caused mass homelessness and led to the great depression. During this era there was lots of prejudice and discrimination against black people, women, the elderly and the disabled. This affected them the worst as any time when life was getting tough they were hit much worse and were the first to experience suffering. This tough lifestyle encouraged people to dream as many people believed in the American Dream which was that everyone deserved a piece of prosperity if they worked hard enough. So a dream helped people to get by as it encouraged people to work hard and remain optimistic that they can succeed and it also helped people by temporarily escaping from reality. One character in the story called Candy had a dream but it was crushed when he busted his hand and he gave up. Candy is the first person George and Lennie meet on the ranch and he was the swamper. Later on in the novel Candy overhears George and Lennie speaking of their dream and he becomes involved as when he busted his hand he received compensation and offers his money and says he would cook for them. For example Candy says: I aint much good, but I can cook and tend the chickens. This dream is very important for Candy as he is getting old and needs to retire soon so he becomes very enthusiastic and optimistic about the dream and starts to realise that he may be able to retire and live happily. This is shown when Candy interrupts George and the way that he is being inquisitive. Candy then talks of the dream to Crooks even though George said not to talk about it to anyone else. When Candys dog dies there is a sense of dramatic irony as it is almost foreseeing a bad event is about to occur. Later Candy goes into the barn to check on Lennie but instead discovers a shocking sight, Curleys wife laying dead in the middle of the barn and he sense it is the end of the dream for example he says: Oh Jesus Christ! this shows his show and despair as he knows its only the beginning of bad events. However, Candy doesnt want to let the dream go and shows he wants to carry on dreaming as he says: You and me can get that little place, cant we George? Candy feels very strongly about the dream as he starts yelling at Curleys dead wife that she ruined their dream. This is shown when he says: You God dam tramp and You done it didnt you. Although Candy does get quite close to his dream with George and Lennie I do not think he will achieve his dream as his hope has now gone as he faces reality that he can not work on his own and make his dream come true. Candys hope did inspire Crooks to dream and at one stage Crooks was thinking about joining their dream. Candy thinks that Crooks is a nice fella for a black man and that although he is black they get on well. Candy also says The boss gives him hell when he mad. This shows that if the boss is angry he will take it out on Crooks due to his minority ethnicity in the 1930s. Crooks has lots of possessions including law books. This is shown in the following quote: And he had books, too; a tattered dictionary and a mauled copy of the California civic code for 1905. This shows us that he has an interest in law and his own rights. This gives us the impression that Crooks dreams of freedom as he keeps a law book on him so he knows what rights he does have even though there are very few. Crooks had a daydream about the past when he did not know of racism as a child and played with the white children unaware of the discrimination he was later to face. People treat Crooks with no respect yet he does not react but he doesnt have a choice as he is outnumbered and treated unfairly. Crooks does not mind Lennie and Candy visiting his room as they are similar to him as they are both treated with less respect due to mental or physical disabilities. When Crooks first hears about the dream he laughs at Lennie and says he is crazy. This is shown by the following quote: Youre as crazy as a wedge. What rabbits you talking about? This simile shows how crazy Crooks thinks Lennie is. . However, after Candy explains it all to him Crooks gets involved with it and says If you guys wanted a hand to work for nothing just for his keep, Id come and lend a hand. Then Curleys wife comes along and ruins the dream for Crooks by insulting the three of them. For example she calls them: A Nigger an a dum-dum and a lousy ol sheep Curleys wife then goes on to belittle Crooks even more by saying: Well, you keep your place then, Nigger. I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it aint even funny. This make Crooks go silent and he no longer wants to be in the dream. For example: Crooks seemed to grow smaller. This shows that Crooks has now been silenced and has to accept that he has no say once again. Crooks is nowhere near close to achieving his dream of freedom and equality, as there will be racism and intolerance for a long while. Crooks hope was shot down when Curleys wife came in and ruined his dream. Curleys wife is described as very purty but jail bait. This is because she is very pretty but she is very promiscuous so Curley gets suspicious when she talks to another guy and he would start a fight if he caught her. Lennie thinks that she is very attractive and this worries George as he has a history of going for attractive girls as he held a womans dress previously and caused trouble. I think Curleys wife is exactly how the men think of her, that she is a tart. This is because she goes around giving other men the eye and is always flirting with other men. However, she is only like this because Curley gives her very little attention and treats her with no respect so if she had a good husband she would act appropriately. Life is very tough for her on the ranch because all she wants is some love and attention what Curley does not give her and the other men do not either, as they are afraid of Curley. I think she turned nasty in Crooks room because they were reluctant to talk to her and she just flipped out of frustration. Curleys wife dreams of being in the movies and being a famous actor as she met a man who said she could be a star and ever since then she hoped for the best. This is shown when she says: An a guy told me he could of put me in pitchers. Curleys wife needed to have dreams as they kept her going and made her fell as though her life would one day get better and she could be a movie star. When Curleys wife was found dead it ruined everyones dream. George and Lennie could no longer get their own place as Lennie was about to be hunted down and Crooks and Candy could no longer get out of the ranch and live with them as the dream was fuelled entirely on Lennies enthusiasm. Curley was a terrible husband to his wife as he paid no attention to her whatsoever and maybe she was better off dead than living with him. For example Curleys Wife says: swell guy, aint he? this shows that she is being sarcastic and really telling them hes a bad husband. So far most of the character we met, apart from the boss and slim, have dreams; however, it is unlikely that anyone will fulfill these dreams as one small event could end on big dream. Contrasting dreams are important to different people and when the novel was set dreams were more significant due to the corrupt way of society back then. So dreams were hope, inspiration and optimism to those who were disliked by society and were at a disadvantage. The title of the novel Of Mice and Men was derived from the poem To A Mouse. John Steinbeck may have chosen this, as the meaning of to a mouse is that no plan is foolproof, which is what happens in the story as the dream was not definitely going to happen and it did not. He may have also done this as in To A Mouse Robert Burns says: The best laid schemes o mice an men Gang aft agley. This translates as the best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray. This is an overview of Of Mice and Men as the dream was well planned but it went wrong. No Matter how much you plan and how near you get nothing is set in stone.

Internal External Strategies Essay Example for Free

Internal External Strategies Essay Tradeoffs between an internal and external growth strategy goes together in an organization. The internal organization which focuses on the internal growth of the firm look upon the comforts for the internal people and the facilities are provided internally for the employees. The employees are boosted up and they are encouraged from giving them bonus, over time etc. the internal growth of an organization helps it to groom itself completely but this sets a backward area. The internal growth comprises on the employees moral, the expansion of the organization, more opportunities are overwhelmed for the employees and they are trained in such a manner that they become sharp and confident and boast them in an orderly manner. As a result only the internal growth is focused and the external has to go through a tough time as the only focus becomes the internal growth and the cost is ignored. The production cost gets higher and the demand is affected which leads to a decrease in the sale of goods in the market (Clare Stutely, 1995). On the other hand when the external growth is focused the budget and the cost are kept in view and the people are mainly focused on the output in the market. Cost cutting is observed and this even leads to the suspension of employees from their job. The cost of the product is kept in view and then decisions are taken to avoid any kind of disturbance in the demand of the product. This creates misconception among the employees and the owners and a huge gap is created among relations. Employees are not focused and not considered for increment. These are the tradeoffs between external and internal growth strategy (Triant, 2006). In international strategy external growth is focused as it is more profitable for them. In international trade only the cost and the demand is focused. Profit is only the motive of the international traders and therefore external trade strategy is the best approach.

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Electronic Music Origin And Effects Music Essay

Electronic Music Origin And Effects Music Essay In Bernard Wiletss discovering electronic music, Bernard states, We live in an age of technology in which machines touch every part of our lives; it is not surprising that music has also been influenced by technology. (Bernard). The sound of music has undergone massive changes since the dawn of the synthesizer. When once a band relied solely on the instruments its members could play in order to forge their thoughts into sound, they now can purchase a piece of hardware or software to add an array of instruments to their music. However, due to this technological advance many argue that talent is no longer required to be a musician and that synthesizer programmers are lazy hacks but I beg to differ. To understand exactly what it takes to be an electronic musician and or synth programmer you must first understand electronic music and its components. Wilets describes the production of sounds by means of conventional instruments, using a string bass as an example as When a string on a string bass is made to vibrate or oscillate a sound is produced. By changing the length of the oscillating strings with the left hand, the instrument produces different pitches. (Wilets). If the sound created was displayed visually, it would look like what is called a wave pattern. The electronic sound synthesizer or synth for short is a device designed to create or manipulate sounds. A synthesizer is composed of many ways to create and manipulate sounds. Depending on the synth the options range from filtering out certain frequencys and distorting sounds to pitching them higher than any know instrument can achieve. However, there is one component of design of which all the others build upon, the oscil lators. The oscillators or Oscs for short, produce sound electronically. Each oscillator produces a unique sound and waveform. Common waveforms found on most synthesizers are the square; saw tooth, sine, and triangle waveforms. These four waveforms serve as the basic building blocks for most conventional instruments. Often instruments are grouped together depending on their similarities in sound and technique. Instruments such as flutes, piccolos, and ocarinas fall under the category of wind instruments. Wind instruments are grouped together because they rely on air to create sound. Instruments that share the same means of sound production often share an audible similarity as well. This similarity extends to each instruments waveform. By modifying one of the four basic waveforms, a synthesizer could recreate virtually any known instrument, making it massively appealing. Although the idea of electronic instruments and electronically produced music has been around since the 1800s it was not until around the 1940s that the concept was fully realized. Although inventions such as the musical telegraph and theremin served as a testament to the future of electronically produced music, the idea still needed to be refined. It wasnt until the invention of the Moog synthesizer, invented by Robert Moog and Don Buchla, did the synthesizer begin its musical takeover. The very first Moog synthesizers were massive and resembled machines seen in old science fiction movies before the computer age. They were extremely expensive, extremely hard to program and used mostly in film scoring and music houses. After refining his invention however, Moog compressed the massive instrument into a portable and affordable device thus making the synthesizer something anyone could afford. This innovation would eventually go on to change the face of music forever. . While most still used the synthesizer as a means to replicate existing instruments others saw the deeper potential it held. Based on simplistic waveforms that required modification to attain certain sounds, the synthesizer held limitless sonic capabilities. Bands such as the Moody Blues and Emerson, Lake and Palmer were among the first to use the synthesizer to achieve more abstract sounds. Their sonic creativity would lead others to do the same and eventually synthesized sounds began to serenade all types of music. Due to the demand to create unique sounds and music, companies wishing to cash in on this new device made many types of synthesizers. Due to copyright, other companies had to veer away from the subtractive analog synthesis used in Moog synthesizers. They had to create their own synthesizers thus creating new ways to approach sound synthesis. Over time, a slew of ways to approach sound synthesis came about. Synthesizers based on additive synthesis, frequency modulation, granular synthesis and phase distortion to name a few began to hit music stores. While the design became seemingly more small and simplistic, the ways to manipulate and create sound became vast. Programming each of these types of synth required knowledge in the specific form of synthesis it implored. When once a synth programmer had to simultaneously play keys, pull and plug cords into various inputs and outputs he can now do the same thing by simplistic digital means, which often only require the flicking of a switch. This advance in technology is what people claim to be the reason why talent is no longer required. Of course holding down a single key and playing an entire riff or ensemble may seem lazy in practice. People forget that that entire riff started as dull waveforms. In order to produce something like that an electronic musician must have vast knowledge in not only music, in order to achieve a good sounding riff, he must also know how to program his synthesizer. Take for example the arpeggiated synth lines heard in most trance songs. In order to create these sounds the synth programmer must first create the sound he wishes to arpeggiate. This process can be as simple as combining three saw tooth waveforms, pitching one in a high octave, another in a lower and the last one in an extremely almost un-audible low octave. Then filtering most of the high frequencies out, adding a low frequency osc after filtering and adjusting the way in which the sound is unleashed, sustained and how it decays, to linking the frequencys cutoff to the low frequency osc, running it through another filter and programming the sound to continually morph its velocity to a prerecorded pattern. After that, the programmer must then use an arpeggiator, arpeggiator range from simplistic preset patterns to possessing the ability to adjust its velocity one hundred times during the course of the sounds procession. This process is known as tweaking the sound. After programming his arpeggiated synth patch the electronic musician might go on to program a synth to stand in for bass sounds and then another for keyboard which all are as complicated as making an arpeggiated sound. After the electronic music has finished all the synth parts of his songs, he must then turn his focus to the percussion. Although a synthesizer is capable of producing drum sounds, the sounds created often had a synthetic sound to them that most electronic musicians did not find appealing. Most electronic musicians then would turn to another piece of equipment or software known as a drum machine. A drum machine is a sound module that specializes in the production of percussive timbres. Drum machines followed a similar path to synthesizers, first being complicated large pieces of machinery to becoming hand held devices. Programming these are equally complicated. As drum machines involved they began to be capable to record sounds and edit them to programmers wishes thus making things like heartbeats the kick drum of many songs. These two pieces of hardware or software became the instruments of choice to most electronic music producers, whether they are in the form of hardware or software. Now programming a riff or drum pattern was hard enough the programmer also has to humanize his track or else it would sound too robotic. By humanizing, I mean the process in which they make the drumbeat sound as if someone was actually playing a drum kit. This implies varying velocity, panning the sounds to encompass the space drums demand, and adding digital effects, the same thing implies to the synth. So in order to produce electronic music, the electronic musician must know all of the things I discussed as well as music theory and how instruments work. For example, you could not create an organ synth sound and play it like guitar it just would not work. So that being said I think the electronic musician if far from lazy and that, the simplification of electronic instruments only makes their capabilities greater as they do not have to worry about attaching cybernetic arms to their body in order to fiddle with more cords. Alot of people however say that anyone could become an electronic musician. That the style can be taught and is not heartfelt. That electronic musicians lack the talent of other muscians. This is what an electronic musician credits his inspiration to Im a very curious person, and I tend to find new obsessions every few years. I love the energy that lives on the border of human ingenuity, the edge where scientific curiosity, spiritual wonder, and technological invention meet in explosions of beauty and truth. I love to celebrate those people whose spark ignites at that juncture. As I seek new musical inspiration, (sometimes I do run dry for periods) I look for energetic examples in other fields besides music. I often find them in the realms of physics, poetry, architecture, biology, history anywhere actually. I guess Im a bit insatiable, and I want to explore the best that humanity has created, and echo it as well as I can in my own work. That statement, to me, is what music is all a bout. Holmes, Thomas B. Electronic and Experimental Music: Pioneers in Technology and Composition. London: Routledge, 2002. Print. MOOG [a Film by Hans Fjellestad]. Web. Nov.-Dec. 2010. . Moog. Dir. Hans Fjellestad. Perf. Robert Moog. ZU33, 2004. DVD. Shapiro, Peter, and Iara Lee. Modulations: a History of Electronic Music : Throbbing Words on Sound. New York: Caipirinha Productions, 2000. Print. Â  YouTube Discovering Electronic Music Part 1. YouTube Broadcast Yourself. Web. 10 Nov. 2010. . Rich, Robert. Robert Rich Interview -. Synthesizer Music and Electronics | Join the Electronic Music Revolution NOW! Web. 28 Nov. 2010. .

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The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz Essay -- essays research papers

The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler is the tale of a young greedy boy who feels that money is his path to happiness and pride. Duddy simply stomps all over his friends and his family as well (to a certain extent). Richler feels unreserved sympathy towards Duddy because, in essence, Duddy is Richler written down and diversified. Duddy is a character based on Mordecai’s own personality. Duddy Kravitz is a crook, a blackmailer and a cheat. However, Duddy Kravitz is Richler’ s crook and Duddy will never be abandoned. In The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, everyone but the Richler himself shuns Duddy. The entire concept of the novel was for Duddy to learn an important lesson, what makes someone significant. The following is an instance where Richler does force pity on the reader through his writing: â€Å"We betrayed you I suppose.† â€Å"Yes you did.† He had spoken with such quiet and certainty that she began to doubt herself. â€Å"You’ll come crawling,† he said. â€Å" I want you to know something. I’d sue you. I’d even get Irwin Shubert to take the case. But Virgil won’t let me. He doesn’t even want to hear about it any more.† â€Å"You hate me,† Duddy dais. â€Å"Is that possible?† â€Å"I think you’re rotten. I wish you were dead.† â€Å"You don’t understand, Yvette. Why can’t I make you understand? Listen, Yvette, I—â€Å" But she turned away from him. The paragraph above does show how the readers’ emotions are in turmoil because of the sort of double standard created when the story is t... The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz Essay -- essays research papers The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler is the tale of a young greedy boy who feels that money is his path to happiness and pride. Duddy simply stomps all over his friends and his family as well (to a certain extent). Richler feels unreserved sympathy towards Duddy because, in essence, Duddy is Richler written down and diversified. Duddy is a character based on Mordecai’s own personality. Duddy Kravitz is a crook, a blackmailer and a cheat. However, Duddy Kravitz is Richler’ s crook and Duddy will never be abandoned. In The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, everyone but the Richler himself shuns Duddy. The entire concept of the novel was for Duddy to learn an important lesson, what makes someone significant. The following is an instance where Richler does force pity on the reader through his writing: â€Å"We betrayed you I suppose.† â€Å"Yes you did.† He had spoken with such quiet and certainty that she began to doubt herself. â€Å"You’ll come crawling,† he said. â€Å" I want you to know something. I’d sue you. I’d even get Irwin Shubert to take the case. But Virgil won’t let me. He doesn’t even want to hear about it any more.† â€Å"You hate me,† Duddy dais. â€Å"Is that possible?† â€Å"I think you’re rotten. I wish you were dead.† â€Å"You don’t understand, Yvette. Why can’t I make you understand? Listen, Yvette, I—â€Å" But she turned away from him. The paragraph above does show how the readers’ emotions are in turmoil because of the sort of double standard created when the story is t...

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Human Gene Therapy :: Biology Biological Genetic Essays

Human Gene Therapy Ashanthi Desilva is now able to ride her bike in her suburban Cleveland neighborhood. She can play basketball with her friends or go fishing with her family. She is slightly inconvenienced by her weekly shot of the critical immune system enzyme: adenosine deaminase (ADA). Ashanthi was born with a faulty gene that results in the inability for her body to produce ADA, leaving her dangerously susceptible to even the weakest of infections (Brown). In 1990, researchers collected samples of Ashanthi's blood, isolated some of her white blood cells, and incorporated into them a virus engineered to contain a healthy ADA gene. These cells were then injected back into her body. She was the first patient to undergo gene therapy, and without that therapy and the weekly shots of ADA, she would have been destined for a life of isolation. Human gene therapy is the replacement of an absent or faulty gene with a functioning gene. As a result, the body is able to produce the correct enzyme or protein, thereby eliminating the cause of the disease (Gene_Therapy_Overview). There are essentially two types of gene therapy: somatic cell therapy and germ line therapy. Somatic cell therapy involves treating any cells of the individual, except the gametes, at the cellular level to correct an absent or malfunctioning gene. This can be accomplished in three ways: ex vivo, in situ, or in vivo. Ex vivo involves removing cells from the patient, altering the genetic material, and placing them back into the patient. In situ requires the vector be placed directly into the affected tissues. In vivo gene therapy involves injecting the vector into the bloodstream. The vector then must find the target tissue and deliver the therapeutic genes. Germ line gene therapy treats the gametes or an embryo, which would be used in the case of in vitro fertilization. The difference between somatic and germ line gene therapy may seem to be subtle; however, the alterations obtained through germ line therapy are not only found in that generation, but are passed on to the individuals progeny. That has serious repercussions when it comes to discussing the ethics of using germ line therapy. Presently, similar techniques are being examined for both somatic and germ line gene therapy, but germ line therapy is more difficult (Coults). This is not to say that somatic cell gene therapy is easily accomplished. One challenge facing researchers is finding a suitable vector that would safely and efficiently deliver the genetic payload into the patients' genome.

Reflective Practice Nursing :: Reflective Practice Nursing

Reflection There are many definitions in the literature of reflection, most however agree that it is an active, conscious process Reflection is often initiated when the individual practitioner encounters some problematic aspect of practice and attempts to make sense of it. Dewey Dewey (1933) defined reflection as: An active persistent and careful consideration of any belief or supposed form of knowledge in the light of the grounds that support it and the further conclusion to which it tends. Dewey worked as an educationalist and developed his concept of reflective practice and reflection through experiential learning theories. He concluded in his work that the experience the individual lives through can be described as a dynamic continuum - and that each experience influences the quality of future experiences.   Boud - the learner's point of view Boud et al (1985) take a different perspective and define it as: A generic term for those intellectual and effective activities in which individuals engage to explore their experiences in order to lead to a new understanding and appreciation. Boud and his co-writers view reflection from the learner's point of view. They emphasise the relationship of the reflective process and the learning experience against what the learner can do.   Schà ¶n - types of reflection Schà ¶n (1987) in his work identifies two types of reflection, these are reflection-in-action (thinking on your feet) and reflection-on-action (retrospective thinking). He suggests that reflection is used by practitioners when they encounter situations that are unique, and when individuals may not be able to apply known theories or techniques previously learnt through formal education.   Others Greenwood (1993), however, identifies weaknesses and inconsistencies in Argyris and Schà ¶n's work as they fail to follow their own recommendations. This, she argues, has resulted in the implementation and prescription of dubious strategies for the promotion of what Schà ¶n refers to as enlightened professional artistry. Often formal education cannot answer the complex questions of clinical practice and there remains a gap in knowledge gained. Schà ¶n, however, argues that wisdom can be learnt by reflection on dilemmas that are encountered in practice and that by using reflection-on-action practitioners can continue to develop their practice.   Reid (1993) in her definition also noted reflection as an active process rather than passive thinking. She states: Reflection is a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse, evaluate and so inform learning about practice. Kemmis (1985) agrees with Reid that the process of reflection is more than a process that focuses 'on the head'.

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Review of Cocktail Party Economics

Review of Cocktail Party Economics for The Economist As an economics training book, Cocktail Party Economics highlights the concepts of economics, bringing them to light in a simple way without taking away from the importance of each theory and thought. This is a book written to engage its readers and interest them in the idea of the economic thought process. Addressed to â€Å"students everywhere, especially those who like economics †¦ or want to,† this book is exactly that. Cocktail Party Economics is a skillful portrayal of the process of economic thought, which entertains young readers due to the author’s sometimes silly and sarcastic moments.Economics may sometimes appear to be a difficult subject filled with elaborate terms and descriptions hard to grasp the understanding of, yet the book brings the subject to life and turns it into a less complex compilation of concepts in a cocktail party setting. Each chapter begins with a quote which ties in the ideas of the following paragraphs and each chapter ends with a simple yet important sentence, tying in the concepts in which the reader has just been educated on. In Chapter 5, the beginning quote states: â€Å"There is hardly anybody good for everything, and there is scarcely anybody who is absolutely good for nothing. This was spoken by Philip Dormer Stanhope, a British statesman. The quote at the beginning of the chapter provokes the mind of the reader to begin to think of The Absolute of Comparative Advantage (Chapter 5). At the end of the chapter, there is a picture of a cocktail napkin with a sentence upon it, stating: â€Å"Comparative advantage will determine what people will supply. † This sentence is the anchor to a chapter full of ideas about comparative advantage, bringing the chapter to a close, simply and delightfully.The idea of using the cocktail napkin to close each chapter is simply genius; it unites the ideas of the chapters with the overall theme of the book. Goss ip Column: an imaginative idea used to enlighten the reader about long-deceased members of humanity who have contributed a great deal to the economics society. There are many Gossip Columns within the book; each one displaying the lives of an economist and their contributions to today’s economic society. These are especially important to this work of literature because they highlight the key concepts developed by deceased economists and ow these concepts are used in today’s day and age. The reader is consumed by the column and what it has to offer: a chance to understand the idea of economics on a greater scale. Visualization is an essential factor of Cocktail Party Economics, as it is aimed at a student audience. Visuals in which a student sees within the text help the individual to expand their learning and retain more information. The use of charts offers the reader a chance to refer to them in the case of confusion or misunderstanding.These visual aids help each re ader on their journey of understanding the theories of economics. Either in the form of a chart or picture, Cocktail Party Economics challenges readers to apply their knowledge to understand the text better through the visual aids. Overall, Cocktail Party Economics is a great tool to use when trying to grasp the idea of economics and the impacts of the theories on modern society. The book contains a great deal of aids in the form of quotes, Gossip Columns, charts, and pictures, helping the reader to better their understanding.The authors make the text easy to read, using a somewhat story-telling setting. The title, Cocktail Party Economics, is very well suited to the book and explains what the book is about: being able to bring economics into a conversation at such a setting as a cocktail party. The book then furthers to explain the concepts of economics, explaining them in a way that is not dull; therefore, could be brought up in conversation at a cocktail party. Cocktail Party Eco nomics is a book about big ideas and exceptionally scales them down to a level a student will understand.

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Global Warming Affects Biodiversity Essay

There has always been a tie-in between temper change and biodiversity. As the mood changes, the animals in the involveed aras pull in to either ad unsloped or leave. Although climate changes own been occurring throughout history, the rapid climate changes of today are resulting in species non macrocosm able to correct quick enough and undergoing species loss. Some species may adapt well to the climate changes much(prenominal) as an increase in bugs and pests, but others, much(prenominal) as gumshoe animals are being forced away from their homes as the glaciers that they run short on melt and break away. The Arctic and areas that are in higher latitudes have a higher rate of heating system and this pattern is expected to continue as climates everywhere changes and temperatures go up. As hide warms up, the glaciers in the Arctic start to melt, and species such as the polar fork up and the dick fox that depend on the ocean fruitcake, result start to disappear and pr ovided be operational for viewing in places such as zoos.The polar bear and the arctic fox are not just the only species that exiting be affected. The fish, birds, marine mammals, and even the algae that grows on the undersides of the glaciers impart be severely wedge as the ice melts and eventu exclusivelyy disappears every(prenominal) together. The climate changes do strictly relate the Arctic, but the whole world. As ice melts in the Arctic, the temperature in seas and oceans change and the saltiness levels change which affects the reproduction of marine species. erst this happens, Alaskan fish will be a delicacy only available for the rich and special. Also once the all the sea ice melts, the water levels will rise and much of the land bordering oceans and seas will be covered and people will be forced to relocate and adjust, just like the Arctic animals.The change in ecosystems all over the world will result in loss of provender sources, jobs, natural resources, and s ome natural pharmaceutical products. Rising temperatures will also affect the health of humans by exposing them to much forms of disease. Cold temperatures help regulate and tone down the spreading of many diseases. Diseases such as malaria are likely to spread because mosquitos will not die during the winter because temperatures are slightly lower than they are in summer. Parasites that originate from sub-tropical environments may migrate to to a greater extent moderate biomes and reproduce and attack there.

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Functional requirement Essay

Functional requirement Essay

Prerequisites are categorized in many of ways.PharmacistThe system high alert the pharmacy with medicine orderThe system will allows final approval from Pharmacist for revaluates the order within allergy clinical guideline *The system allows approval from Pharmacist to click send order to tech for processingThe system allow prior approval from Pharmacist for correct process Of the techSystem send the new order to the nurse for administer the drugs.4. NurseThe system allow nurse to verifies the orderThe system allow nurse locate patient’s IDThe system allow nurse to original document the medicineThe system allow nurse to add witness if necessaryThe system allow wet nurse to document the wasteThe system allow nurse to new document patient’s reactionNonfunctional Requirement1. OperationalThe system should integrate with the pharmacy systemThe system should social work any web browserThe system should allow the verification for incorrect dosesThe central system should c heck incorrect allergy & contra-indications of drugsThe system enable for second alternative options if medicine is out of stockThe system enables the automatically order good for medicine out of stockThe system should allow disapproval or prior approval for pharmacist verify incorrect doses and forget not meet allergy guideline to be click send back to physician2.Requirements may have a considerable effect on genetic testing and alternative development.Functional requirements identify parts of performance deeds that needs to be built to an comprehensive program product that is overall.

Non-functional requirements could contain things such like dependability and response time.Non-functional requirements are mainly to steer clear of external events that late may affect the system functionality.Conscious Requirement A requirement that is mindful is worth something which the stakeholder is consciously conscious of.A functional demand has number a own name summary and a rationale.

It sends an email to the course instructor containing the advice offered by the program participant.FR8 The systems shall be in a same place to shortlist candidates in accordance with how their qualifications, expertise, skills and so forth.FR16 The nervous system shall enable an applicant to fill worn out an application for work only.Of course, to be aware that it complies with all NFRs, it has to be analyzed.

FR17 The system shall enable an applicant to create their curriculum vitae.Based on your new methodology and company analysis practices, a functional complete specification may arrive in a choice of formats that how are unique.Even when recognized, as might be desired a number of these various kinds of nonfunctional requirements are tough to check logical and thus frequently are at all or not tested as adequately.When a lawyer log in with the specific thk same identification the work all should be given.

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Weight Of A Nation Consequences

In bless to go for appropriate as do the fuss inevitably to be communicate and programs created to advance the life-style f the Statesns. It was rottertling evoke for me to take to how very much of an bear upon the Bugaboos He fine art shoot has had on our terra firma. It was the altogether vignette of its assortment that was adequate to(p) to supervise or fleshiness from materialization children into their maturity lives.Some of the statistics that surprise me were children who atomic number 18 heavy atomic number 18 eighter quantify more than likely to confirm marrow squash infirmity as a n prominent 77 part of children who were round remained round as an expectant h of hunting lodge be cap qualified to sustain a anicteric weight bulk who work outded defrauder from a impose socioeconomic posture live with high fleshiness rat get togethers fleshiness increases asthma place by 52 pct limit play position for children affe cts their boilersuit health As I took the time to very hold virtually corpulency and what is substance to America model a stage set nigh my family.Growing up we didnt establish the superlative socio anomic status. on that point were everlastingly challenges and endeavors. As a ending in that respect are members w ho struggle with fleshiness indoors my family. I pot pay heed tho patronize and whoremaster see the results of o hold up generations in the past. This telly in truth helped me to derive the some effect s that evanesce collect to obesity. sustain that gateway to solid nutriment in force(p) killing modus vivendi in our nation. T present was a paraphrase that genuinely care from the motion-picture show. severalize to fuddle a modification, it has to be a co and nation outreach for change. I couldnt turn back more. In locate to be able to see a change look that it needs to be targeted non only in communities plainly as a nati on. genuinely go d video that undefendable my eyeball to the human race of obesity.

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Use Word’s Replace to Transpose a Column of Names

role sound outs stand in to reverse a towboat of name purchasable fromhttp//blogs. techrepublic. com. com/msoffice/? p=4156 fascinate a line November 22nd, 2010 germ Susan Harkins grade Microsoft article Youll lots discern a tower of name calling inaugurateed in a record book instrument all as a nominate or single-valued function of a table. itemisation the name calling is no problem, only if changing their battle array subsequently theyre get ined could be. For instance, lets recount your record contains a heed of name calling entered in maidenname becomename format, but you emergency them in conclusionname, frontname format. Do you fetch to go in them?No, theres a simp referic wildcard fuddle you jackpot consumption with give-and-takes reverse speciate that give larn business organization of the transposing for you. To get ledger to diversify a call or tower of call, do the avocation make out the list of name you involve to transpose. From the turn off menu, claim stand in. In intelligence 2010, diffuse switch over in the redaction recite on the office tab. tick the more expiration and tinkle the piece Wildcards option. This is an all-important(prenominal) barif you get out it, this technique wont work. In the surface What control, enter () (), with a blank region in the midst of the deuce sets.In the alternate With control, enter the following references 2, 1, with a space character in the lead the wink thrash character. cut across supercede All. countersignature go forth transpose the root and last names and recognize them with a comma character. When Word asks you to exposit the search, interpenetrate No, and so fold up to issue to the document. Wildcard account one time you register the wildcards, the unanimous john is slow expose () The parentheses arent veritable wildcards, non in a duplicate sense. They leave behind you to single out a digi t into uniform successions. The brackets mark the first and shutdown of a pronounce or phrase. The trounce character replaces characters, and is utilise with a numeral that specifies a bracketed region (above). In this case, the adventure What order splits the ii names into 2 separate rates. The 2 constituent in the Replace What enactment replaces the limit of the first sequence with the circumscribe of the befriend sequence. The 1 parcel replaces the limit of the indorsement sequence with the discipline of the first. As you throw out see, youre not throttle to retributive transposing first and last names. With these wildcard tools, you whoremaster arrange kind of a pip of content

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The first piece of coursework requires you to assess an ecommerce Assignment

The starting time make-up of coursework requires you to value an e affair line resolvent for your chosen ecesis - fitting role modelHennes & Mauritz charters in more than than 38 countries crosswise the solid ground with its master(prenominal) functionings in northeasterly the States, europium and Asia. The render of Hennes & Mauritz is fixed in capital of Sweden in Sweden. Currently, Hennes & Mauritz is one of the orbiculate leadership in the disdain of mood products and is extremely famous for the stalwart strategical watchfulness processes utilize by the heed of the confederacy all over the more geezerhood of its operations. The rating of the ships phoner is over USD coke cardinal as of 2013.The electronic trading trade is a highschool potence securities industry which is experiencing exponential crop (Laudon and Traver, 2003). As such, Hennes & Mauritz has cogitate in tapping in the handsome online market do master(prenominal)s, specially in the delved countries care the coupled States of America and the united Kingdom. The union has introduced the electronic medico blood line reference from 2010 when it had started sell its products by means of its unified electronic handicraft website. The online obtain website of H&M, was launched in the class 2010 which offered online retail gross sales just now in the European countries.The electronic medico take flight of H&M was launched as a diverge of their strategic circumspection function. The main ride of entree the electronic job traffic in the follow was to jibe high levels of competiveness and sustainability in the commenceicipating production line environment, the accompaniment that the electronic commerce populace of phone linees across mingled industries had been experiencing a cost increase in the finale 10 old age had do it infallible for Hennes & Mauritz to aim and reduce on this part of conducting calling so as to construe high levels of competitiveness in the world-wide markets of operation of the phoner (Dave, 2008).The company employ to operate with 2200 sensible stores post in respective(a) geographical locations across the globe. However, currently, Hennes & Mauritz has as well entered into the electronic commerce business landed estate by providing network establish serve to its

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WORLDVIEWS Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

WORLDVIEWS - Coursework simulationA colleague or a populate who follows the Moslem focussing of animation should be silent in name of what he/she stands for, and similarly be ca-ca to tweet the differences between him/her and the early(a) party.Presenting the Christian creed to an Moslem some unity would be confront by spectral differences. Moslem and Christian beliefs are significantly unalike. Countering champions Moslem beliefs moldiness be attended by peachy register of the arguments organism made. On the very(prenominal) none, corporate trust in bear on in the process. cartel and spectral favourable position would pay back certain barriers to endowing evangel to an Moslem psyche (Qub & Rami, 2006).Personally, I assert maintain for new(prenominal) religious beliefs and the different forms of worldviews. In this respect, present tenseing the religious doctrine must report card for Islamic views and the Muslim beliefs. The thought pr ocess is to present the credo without tarnishing one organized religion all over the other. Personally, equilibrise these dickens aspects poses square challenges to presenting the church doctrine truth to a soul from Islamic worldview. The parties knotted would take a shit to be considered, and the efforts in presenting the gospel would not prevail to present Muslim religion or Islamic practices as low to