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Sexual Harassment and Workplace Policies Essay - 2025 Words

In our society sexual harassment has been in the workplace for years. The use of sexual harassment in the workplace has been remembered best as a weapon used to keep women in their place which would cause them to forfeit promotions within their organizations. It was once believed that women were the only victims but the shift is now changing men are also reporting that they are also victims of sexual harassment on the job. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act was passed and employers began to recognize that they were liable for two types of sexual harassment. The first kind of harassment is Quid pro quo when a supervisor offers the employee sexual advances in order to get or keep a job, and also this harassment is used to determined if an†¦show more content†¦The term sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcomed sexual advances or conduct on the job that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment . The Civil Rights Act of 1964 states that sexual harassment i s a violation of the law. During the last decade women have begun to speak out against sexual harassment which has made many employers set a zero tolerance of sexual harassment in the workplace. In most organizations there are policies and guidelines created to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace and procedures to follow if an employee feels that they have been sexually harassed. When an employer has a clear and written policy prohibiting sexual harassment available to all staff then everyone is aware that such negative behaviors will not be tolerated in the workplace. As an employee of Los Angeles County Office of Education their sexual harassment policy states that all employees will have equal rights and opportunities to enjoy freedom from sexual harassment of any kind in the education programs or work setting. LACOE expresses that sexual harassment is illegal and will not be tolerated within the organization which may result in disciplinary actions. The Los Angeles County Office of Education has adopted the California and Federal law definition of sexual harassment within the workplace. This definition is clearlyShow MoreRelated Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violence Essay1416 Words   |  6 PagesHarassment has plagued the world for centuries. Why should the workplace be any different? Sexual harassment and workplace violence are not only of historical roots, but contemporary issues are still present in the workforce today. Managers are addressing and combating modern sexual harassment and workplace violence, however instances still occur (Robbins, Decenzo Coulter, 2011). â€Å"Sexual harassment is defined as any unwanted action or activity of a sexual nature that explicitly or implicitlyRead MoreSexual Harassment Within The Workplace1382 Words   |  6 PagesNovember 2015 SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE Sexual harassment is any form of unprecedented sexual conduct in which the offender uses inappropriate language and actions that humiliate the sexuality of the offended. At workplaces, sexual harassment occurs when stakeholders of an organization engage in unwelcomed conducts of sexual nature, which makes the recipients (of the conduct) intimidated and uncomfortable. As Solotoff and Kramer (2014: 67) assert, sexual harassment is a widespread practiceRead MoreSexual Harassment : How Does It Differ From Bullying?891 Words   |  4 Pages1. What is sexual harassment? How does it differ from bullying? Sexual harassment is an unwanted attention that is sexual in nature. It can be a one-time occurrence or a result of repeated behaviour. In addition, harassment is viewed from the victim’s perspective and what the perceiver or affected individual would feel in the exact same situation. Workplace bullying on the other hand can be defined as an act or verbal behavior that is persistent and continuous, with intent to mentally hurt or isolateRead MoreSexual Harassment At The Workplace1697 Words   |  7 PagesSexual Harassment in the Workplace Eva L. Mendez-Zacher MG260, Business Law I 28 September 2014 Dr. Anita Whitby Abstract I’m conducting a study on Sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is possible in all social and economic classes, ethnic groups, jobs and places in the community. Through this study I hope to clarify the common misconception that sexual harassment is an isolated female problem. Although the majority of the cases reported are in fact male on femaleRead MoreAnalysis Of Ohio Bath Solutions, Llc Essay1438 Words   |  6 Pagesdiscrimination in the workplace. Creating policies and training programs are great ways to educate employees about the consequences of discrimination. For example, Ohio Bath Solutions, LLC created a Diversity Policy to communicate its stance on diversity and discrimination in the workplace. The company is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. The policy is designed to support the company’s ethical culture. The following figure is a copy of the company’s Diversity Policy. Figure 1.1 EqualityRead MorePreventing Sexual Harassment At The Workplace978 Words   |  4 PagesPreventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace An anti-harassment policy should be set and published to every company by the employer; moreover, this policy should state and allow the employees to complain if the harassment and discrimination occur. However, employers are likely to be negligent about the important of investigating complaints of sexual harassment and appropriate solutions. (Tremblay, 2008) The most effective weapon against sexual harassment is prevention. It is impossibleRead MoreEssay on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace1398 Words   |  6 PagesSexual harassment can be described as any unwanted sexual comments or unwanted sexual advances. People think that in a sexual harassment situation that the offender is always a male but that is not the case, females can also be the harasser. There can be several incidents where a male is sexually harassing a female, female harassing a male, female harassing a female, or a male harassing a male. When sexual harassment occurs it can make any situation uncomfor table, especially if the advances are unwelcomeRead MoreSexual Harassment At The Workplace1697 Words   |  7 Pages Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Eva L. Mendez-Zacher MG260, Business Law I 28 September 2014 Dr. Anita Whitby Abstract I’m conducting a study on Sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is possible in all social and economic classes, ethnic groups, jobs and places in the community. Through this study I hope to clarify the common misconception that sexual harassment is an isolated female problem. Although the majority of the cases reported are in fact male on femaleRead MoreThe State Of Sexual Harassment858 Words   |  4 Pages Machin, L. (2012). The State of Sexual Harassment in America: What is the Status of Sexual Harassment in the US Workplace Today? Journal of Global Business Management, 8(1), 133-138. Unwanted sexual advances are inappropriate whether or not an individual is at work. This article speaks to the minds of people who have been sexually harassed at work in the 2000s. When written, the article explained that in the last two years sexual harassment in the workplace had actually increased. It also explainsRead MoreSexual Harassment At An Organization Essay1485 Words   |  6 PagesSexual Harassment in an Organization By: Elsie Alex Organizational Behavior Professor Patricia Sokol September 15, 2016 Abstract This essay is based on sexual harassment in the workplace. It gives examples of what sexual harassment is and knowing how to identify sexual harassment in an organization. This essay takes information from different articles describing sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. It gives scenarios and examples of sexual harassment. It also

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Biblical Allusions to The Grapes of Wrath Essay example

Biblical Allusions to The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California, on February 27, 1902. He studied marine biology at Stanford University and then traveled east on a freighter through the Panama Canal. Steinbeck went to New York to work as a newspaper reporter but soon returned to California and held a variety of jobs while he wrote. Steinbeck published Tortilla Flat in 1935, Of Mice and Men in 1937, and The Red Pony in 1937, which established his reputation as a forceful writer. In 1939 he wrote The Grapes of Wrath, which summoned up the despair and hardship of the early 1930s. John Steinbeck died in 1968. The Grapes of Wrath is a story about one familys hardship during the Depression and the Dust Bowl of the†¦show more content†¦Above all it showed everyone that these damn Okies were all simply men, women, and children, no different from anyone else, just poorer (Frohock 133). They were human beings with feelings and not the uncivilized beasts they were portrayed as at the time. John Steinbe ck carefully molded his story The Grapes of Wrath to encompass many themes and ideas. To help enforce his message Steinbeck included several Biblical allusions. John Steinbeck uses Biblical allusions to create the theme that strength to survive comes from faith by using characters and events. Steinbeck creates the theme of the novel by alluding the characters in his story to characters in the Bible. Jim Casy is an allusion to Jesus Christ. They have the same initials and live their lives as examples of their beliefs: Jesus to the world as Casy is to Tom (Rombold 149). Casy even compares himself to Christ when he says, I got tired like Him, an I got mixed up like Him, an I went into the wilderness like Him, without no campin stuff (105). In the first half of the book Casy is thinking and forming his ideas. He changes from a thinker to a man of action when he sacrifices himself for Tom (Slade 242). When in prison Casy sees the advantage of organizing people to achieve a common goal. W hen Casy tried to put his ideas into action he, like Christ, aroused the antagonism of the people in authority and was brutally killed. He died, like Christ saying to his crucifiers,Show MoreRelatedBiblical Allusions In The Grapes Of Wrath1796 Words   |  8 PagesThe Grapes of Wrath, is a story that construes the journey of the Joad family through the brutal migration from Oklahoma s destroying Dust Bowl to California corrupt promised land. Through the depiction of events and portrayal of characters, the bible takes part in the novel as one whole allusion. The anecdote of the struggle for survival in the fallen state of Oklahoma and in the â€Å"promised land† of California, reveals the same ideas shown as we explore in the bible. In The Grapes of Wrath, authorRead MoreBiblical Allusions In The Grapes Of Wrath1633 Words   |  7 Pagespieces is religion. The religious aspects of his stories are primarily shown through subtle connections to Biblical characters along with o ther hints. The most prominent piece of literature that displays religious connections is his novel The Grapes of Wrath. For the duration of the story, religion helps sustain the characters of the novel from difficult times. His novel contains numerous Biblical references that are conveyed through the characters of the Joad family along with Jim Casy; Steinbeck wantsRead MoreBiblical Allusions In The Grapes Of Wrath1717 Words   |  7 Pagesnovel, The Grapes of Wrath, is a story that describes the journey of the Joad family through the brutal migration from Oklahoma s destroying Dust Bowl to California corrupt promised land. Through the depiction of events and portrayal of characters, the bible takes part in the novel as one whole allusion. The story of struggle for survival in the fallen state of Oklahoma and in the â€Å"promised land† of California, reveals the same ideas shown as we explore in the bible. In The Grapes of Wrath, authorRead More Grapes Of Wrath Biblical A llusions Essay889 Words   |  4 PagesJohn Steinbeck carefully molded his story The Grapes of Wrath to encompass many themes and ideas. He included several Biblical allusions to enforce his message of the migrating families coming together to form a community. Steinbeck alludes to Biblical characters through Jim Casy and Rose of Sharon, events like the family’s journey to California and the flood at the end of the novel, and teachings throughout the novel.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Biblical allusions represented by the characters in the novel areRead MoreThe Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck1645 Words   |  7 PagesBoth John Steinbeck’s criticism and optimism was written into The Grapes of Wrath, a book that he researched for nearly two years before he finally finished the book. While writing the novel, he said to his friend and literary agent: â€Å"I must go over into the interior valleys. There are about five thousand families starving to death over there...The states and counties will give them nothing because they are outsiders. But the crops of any part of this state could not be harvested without these outsidersRead MoreBlack Boy And The Grapes Of Wrath Analysis1728 Words   |  7 PagesThe Grapes of Wrath, respectively, full of biblical allusions to demonstrate that religion is ineffective at addressing the issues of the indigent because teleological narratives, when applied to material context, do not have the same en d. While this paper claims that both authors have a negative casting of religion, other writers feel the opposite. One writer is Kelly Crockett, who posits a positive reading of religion in The Grapes of Wrath. In her essay, she identifies a slew of biblical allusionsRead MoreEssay on Rhetorical Analysis- the Grapes of Wrath967 Words   |  4 PagesRhetorical Analysis- The Grapes of Wrath â€Å"You don’ know what you’re a-doin’,† were Casy’s last words before he died as a martyr. Casy died for his cause, his belief that the elite were not truly aware of how their greed was causing the suffering of the weak and that the weak could only surpass their sorrows if they worked together. Steinbeck uses chapter 25 of Grapes of Wrath to portray this very message. Steinbeck uses an array of rhetorical devices such as symbolism and the use of a instructiveRead MoreThe Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck1563 Words   |  7 Pages John Steinbeck’s novel, The Grapes of Wrath, depicts a migrant farming family in the 1930s. During this time, life revolved around the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, making circumstances difficult for almost everyone involved, especially those who had little. This time of drought and despair caused people to lose hope in everything they’ve ever known, even themselves, but those who did not, put their hope in the â€Å"promised land† of California. Here, the grass was thought to be truly greenerRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Grapes Of Wrath Essay1076 Words   |  5 Pages3.. The tile itself is an allusion to a biblical reference. The line â€Å"Grapes of Wrath† comes from a Hymn, songs sang in churches, titled â€Å"The Battle Hymn of the Republic.† The journey that the Joad family goes on is a biblical allusion to the Exodus Journey. All the parts of the Journey can be traced back to the Bible. When the drought that stops the family from wor king in family comes to the journey to california and to working in california. The farm because their prison like the prisoners of theRead More A Comparison of Migrant Workers in The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men2731 Words   |  11 PagesMigrant Workers in The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   John Steinbeck wrote about what surrounded him. At the time he was writing, the nineteen-thirties, a great depression was plaguing the United States. Many people were out of work. Many farmers were losing their farms and homes. An extreme drought had also wrecked the farms of the Midwest and made them into what is now referred to as the dust bowl. It was a terrible time to be poor, and most were. People died of malnutrition

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Marketing Consumer Behavior for Krispy Kreme Brand

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Consumer Behavior for Krispy Kreme Brand. Answer: Introduction: Organizations, for instance, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, and Dunkin' Donuts have been contending with Krispy Kreme for a piece of the overall industry on the premise of item separation, evaluating, and extension through establishments. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. started in 1937 as a donut shop that sold its items out of a store window in North Carolina. The organization has a place with the eatery business and contends in the quick easygoing and fast food parts, which are liable to the high rivalry. Today, the organization has around 395 stores established around the world, incorporating 235 in the United States and the rest in 10 outside nations (Aggarwal McGill 2012). Krispy Kreme points of parity and difference The organization's branding incorporates association and sharing, as 55% of its retail exchanges are for offers of one or more dozen doughnuts. Despite the fact that Starbucks furnishes a comparative involvement with the planning of their drinks, Dunkin Donuts does not accentuate much duty to freshness. Krispy Kreme is included in numerous groups through raising support projects and sponsorship of altruistic occasions. To place it in context, the organization was accounted for to have burned through 2% of its incomes in showcasing and publicizing amid the fiscal year 2015 for a 7% expansion in benefits. While Dunking Donuts spends by and large 5% of their incomes in promoting and advertising for a 5.28% increment in incomes (Huang 2012). Likewise, people group connections are something that the organization thinks about, as its brand was manufactured eras of verbal advertising. They allude to their procedure as "neighborhood relationship promoting", which is less immoderate than gigantic showcasing effort and permits to keep the community values connected with the brand. The "Hot Light" App is a visitor engagement application that permits one to find the closest Krispy Kreme shop and be advised when that Hot Light is on at a particular shop. Krispy Kreme Brand Image Krispy Kreme brand Congruency The companys principle target clients who purchase from the organization's on-premise areas are known to be faithful clients who are purposefully a particular Krispy Kreme item; these clients may stroll into store areas or exploit the organization's 24-hour drive-through administration. Clients, who purchase from the off-premise areas, including Wal-Marts and corner stores, have a tendency to be less brand-still, small voice and are essentially acquiring an item instead of a name. Its 24-hour administration is a wellspring of comfort for those hoping to get in, get out, and move on (Leventhal Mascarenhas 2006). Its clients incorporate a wide assortment of individuals. The organization is assessed to serve roughly 7.6 million clients consistently. In any case, two fundamental gatherings bolster this organization; the individuals who purchase from the off-premise areas and the individuals who purchase from the on-reason area. Its clients likewise incorporate those taking an interest in gathering pledges benefits; the organization accomplice up with an association or a school and afterward offers its doughnuts at a rebate rate to help it raise cash for non-benefit bunches (Zikmund Babin 2006). The sandwiches contain 2,500 milligrams of sodium, more than 1,000 calories and 100 grams of fat each putting them on a portion of the slightest sound fast food items are accessible. Being solid may seem to take a pattern of prominence; as when craze diets get to be standard for some time; yet general it remains a consistent issue. Wellbeing concerns are an applicable issue for any firm in the eatery business. For Krispy Kreme, moving a lot of the menu to low-sugar, low-fat items is dependably seen as a way that may bargain the world-renowned taste and quality connected to its name, and henceforth distance its current clients as opposed to acquiring new ones (Mooney Bergheim 2003). Gotham Global trusts that, with some restraint, such conventional publicizing techniques can help Krispy Kremes income. Hardee's saw burger deals increment 20% after the presentation of their Thick burger item line11. Subsequently, substitute products affect firms in these parts. Publicizing and advancements, and additionally focused costs, are key instruments to keep up a solid client base in the midst of substitute products. The organization's expansiveness of request reaches out over all its significant demographic gatherings (Morrison Crane 2007). Brand Attitude: How it is viewed in the Market by Its Customers Doughnuts left on a shelf have no chance to get of reproducing the same new, hot experience as doughnuts made on-site. The organization's brand and name are attached to the "stand-out taste" that its eras of clients have developed to love. Large portions of its organization stores are said to be situated in high-movement territories, for example, strip shopping centers. The Hot Doughnuts Now sign is a solid drive buy generator and another segment of the stable corporate personality. Krispy Kreme has not frequently utilized conventional publicizing, for example, daily paper embeds, TV advancements, and item situation. The Atkins diet, which supported low-starch nourishments, turned out to be fiercely well known pretty much as the organization was advancing and extending its substantial sugar doughnuts. This sign has turned out to be a critical impact on motivation buys. Clients worried with eating regimen confinements, and wellbeing issues have as of late begun keeping away from eateries like Krispy Kreme, because of its so some its items weighed down with sugar. Krispy Kreme has tested in the past with such a warming innovation, alluded to inside as "passage boilers" to keep its items constantly new and fresh. (Zikmund Babin 2006). Associative Networking of Krispy Kreme When clients precisely talk about the food at Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts, the donuts were said to be the most social talked about. For instance, amid January to July 2014, clients attitude concerning Krispy Kreme donuts was 96 percent positive, nearly fanatic. Dunkins donut response was ranked at 80 percent. The general moral here is that the clients want to purchase what Krispy Kreme is best at whether thats donuts or coffee. And if Krispy Kremes consumer experience fails to live up to its clients expectations, the company risks losing them, or even worse when its clients will tend to start getting dissatisfied with its products hence having dissatisfied customers post negative reviews online. On the part of freshness of its products especially the donuts, many customers prefer to buy from the Krispy Kreme stores because they believe that its donuts are always fresh compared to the other companys that also make the donuts. However, because of health concern issues, i.e. it has been reported that the donuts are so much sugary. This has made many of its customers to develop a negative attitude towards its brands especially the donuts. Social environment factors and how they affect Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are as yet engaging many individuals, and their life cycle won't presumably end soon. Despite the fact that costs are not that high, it is not an exceptionally mechanical industry, and it depends on a couple of machines, yet chiefly on human workforce and client administration, offering and delivering in volume which decreases costs. The company faces worldwide rivalry furthermore showcase development. Exclusively claimed pastry shops and bistros are various, and the business sector likewise sees the nearness of real chains engaging over pieces of the pie (Aggarwal McGill 2012). The company's industry profits by economies of scale. In fact, all fragments of the American populace spend more on coffee and doughnuts, despite the fact that individuals under 45 years of age have a tendency to devour more doughnuts themselves. The American business sector is extensive for this kind of items. Donut utilization likewise doesn't experience the ill effects of regularity, as doughnuts are devoured as breakfast, treat or nibble at whatever time amid the year. Krispy Kreme methodologies are equipped towards more noteworthy volumes, lower costs, and more prominent extensions. Without a doubt, this industry presents numerous points of interest, yet few methodologies are conceivable. Krispy Kreme is a piece of the fast-food/cakes industry. In any case, the more beneficial nourishment pattern may hurt the utilization of calorie-stacked doughnuts and buyers support more profitable substitute items, with the exception of if alterations and low-calorie assortments are presented, which could speak to an extraordinary open door for development. In spite of the fact that it is extremely hard to arrange its brand surroundings honestly (Huang 2012). Rituals and Artifacts related to Krispy Kreme The organizations shops have always worked on delivering a multi-tactile client encounter and build up its brand personality. Krispy's Kreme embarked on a strategy of furnishing its clients with an excitement encounter and to fortify its dedication to quality and freshness by permitting the clients to see the doughnuts being made. The organization has built up an application that permits it to draw in and hold more clients. A one of a kind recommendation from the organization is the utilization of innovation to draw specifically in with its visitors. The other vital component of the organization brand is the "donut theater" experience (Holbrook 2006). This has made it to have even stronger loyal customers who keep on coming back for more, and its like they have just fallen in love with the companys doughnuts. References Aggarwal, P., McGill, A. L. (2012). When brands seem human,do humans act like brands? Automatic behavioral priming effects of brand anthropomorphism. Holbrook, M. B. (2006). The consumption experience-Something new,something old,something borrowed,something sold. Huang, Y. Y. (2012). Service backstage visibility and the corresponding perceived value in the process of service delivery. Leventhal, R. C., Mascarenhas, O. A. (2006). Lasting Customer Loyalty: a total customer experience approach. Mitchell, M. A., Orwig, R. A. (2002). Consumer experience tourism and brand bronding. Mooney, P. K., Bergheim, L. (2003). The Ten Demandments: Rules to Live by in the Age of the Demanding Customer. Morrison, S., Crane, F. G. (2007). Building the service brand by creating and managing an emotional brand experience. Zikmund, W., Babin, B. (2006). Exploring marketing research.

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Sex Trafficking in Cambodia The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine by Somaly Mam Essay Example For Students

Sex Trafficking in Cambodia: The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine by Somaly Mam Essay â€Å"Some girls come to us beaten half to death. They are so young. They have marks that are worse than anything I have ever endured.† (Mam 166). Throughout the world, traffickers coerce and abduct women and children into the sex trade. Traffickers then trade and sell these women for the use of sexual exploitation (Mace Venneberg, and Amell 336). As many as 20 million people are involved in the global sex trade at any given time (Nawyn, Birdal, and Glogower 56). Though sex trafficking is acknowledged as an issue throughout the world, it continues to become even more extreme. Anyone, from anywhere, could be taken and sold as a slave. In countries such as Cambodia and Thailand, girls can be as young as five or six years old when they enter the sex industry (Chung 484; Mam 62). Statistics show that 80 percent of sex slaves are women and 50 percent are children (Mace, Venneberg, and Amell 338). â€Å"It can be expected that at least 1 in 40 girls born in Cambodia will be sold into sex slavery† (Mam 1). This number is alarmingly high, and continues to rise. There are several human rights activist groups and global organizations that attempt to stop the trafficking; however, more effort can always be put forth to help women and children throughout the world. Global organizations should do more to help the women and children in the sex industry; no person should have to endure rape, torture, or humiliating servitude. Somaly Mam experienced a horrifying start to life at a very young age. Mam knows what it is like to be a slave and tells about it in her novel. The novel, The Road of Lost Innocence: The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine, written by Somaly Mam, tells the extraordinary tale of a woman who had everything taken away from her at a very. ., and James W. Amell. Human Trafficking: Integrating Human Resource Development Toward A Solution. Advances In Developing Human Resources 14. 3 (2012): 333-344. Business Source Complete. Web. 21 Apr. 2014. =13sid=4c9e08f9-b569-437a-8160-14f866b677ed%40sessionmgr115hid =101bdata=J nNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=bthAN=77757068>. Mah, Megan. Trafficking Of Ethnic Minorities In Thailand: Forced Prostitution And The Perpetuation Of Marginality. Undercurrent 8.2 (2011): 65-72. Academic Search Complete. Web. 5 May 2014. /ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=18sid=4b45ef9c-7e80-4adf-9ed2-5e3b6297a41c% 40sessionmgr4003hid=4205>. Mam, Somaly. The Road of Lost Innocence: The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine. Spiegel Grau Publishing, 2008. Print.

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11 Pros and Cons of Using Movies in Class

11 Pros and Cons of Using Movies in Class Showing a film in class may engage students, but engagement cannot be the only reason for showing movies in the classroom. Teachers must understand that the planning for viewing a film is what makes it an  effective learning experience for any grade level. Before planning, however, a teacher must first review the schools policy on the use of film in class. School Policies There are film ratings that schools may adopt for movies shown in class. Here are a general set of guidelines that could be used: G-rated films: No signed permission form is necessary.PG-rated films: A signed parental permission form is required for students under age 13. At the elementary school level, the principal will ask a committee to review the use of the film prior to granting permission.PG-13-rated films: A signed parental permission form is required for students under age 14. No use of PG-13 films is typically allowed at an elementary school level. In a middle school, the principal will ask a committee to review the use of the film prior to granting permission.  R-rated: A signed parental permission form is required for all students. The principal will ask a committee to review the film before granting permission. Film clips are preferred for R-rated films. No use of R-rated films is typically allowed in middle or elementary schools. After checking on the film policy, teachers design the resources for the film to determine how it fits in a unit with other lesson plans. There may be a worksheet to be completed as the movie is being watched that also provides the students with specific information. There may be a plan to stop the film and discuss specific moments. Film as Text The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts (CCSS) identify a  film as a text, and there are standards specific to the use of film in order to compare and contrast texts. For example, one ELA standard for Grade 8 states: Analyze the extent to which a filmed or live production of a story or drama stays faithful to or departs from the text or script, evaluating the choices made by the director or actors.   There is a similar ELA standard for grades 11-12 Analyze multiple interpretations of a story, drama, or poem (e.g., recorded or live production of a play or recorded novel or poetry), evaluating how each version interprets the source text. (Include at least one play by Shakespeare and one play by an American dramatist). The CCSS encourage the use of film for higher levels of Blooms Taxonomy including analysis or synthesis. Resources There are websites dedicated to helping teachers create effective lesson plans for use with film. One major consideration is the use of film clips as opposed to an entire film. A well-chosen 10-minute clip from a film should be more than adequate to launch a meaningful discussion. Pros of Using Movies in Class Movies can extend the learning beyond the textbook. Sometimes, a movie can really help students get a feel for an era or an event. For example, if you are  a STEM teacher,  you might want to show a clip from the movie ​Hidden Figures  that  highlights the contributions of black women to the space program of the 1960s.Movies can be used as a pre-teaching or interest-building exercise. Adding a movie can build interest in a topic that is being learned while providing a small break from normal classroom activities.Movies can be used to address additional learning styles.  Presenting information in numerous ways can be the key to helping students understand topics. For example, having students watch the movie Separate But Equal can help them understand the reason behind the court case Brown v. Board of Education beyond what they can read in a textbook or hear in a lecture.Movies can provide teachable moments. Sometimes, a movie can include moments that go beyond what you are teaching in a lesson and allow you to highlight other important topics. For example, the movie Gandhi provides information that can help students to discuss world religions, imperialism, non-violent protest, personal freedoms, rights and responsibilities, gender relations, India as a country, and so much more. Movies can be scheduled on days when students could be unfocused.  In day-to-day teaching, there will be days when students will be focused more on their homecoming dance and the big game that night, or on the holiday that starts the next day, rather than on the topic of the day. While there is no excuse to show a non-educational movie, this could be a good time to watch something that complements the topic you are teaching. Cons of Using Movies in the Classroom   Movies can sometimes be very long. A showing of a film such as  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹Schindlers List  with every 10th grade class (with their parents permission, of course) will take an entire week of classroom time. Even a short movie can take up two to three days of classroom time. Further, it can be difficult if different classes have to start and stop at different points in a movie.The educational part of the film may only be a small portion of the overall movie. There may be only a few parts of the movie that would be appropriate for the classroom setting and truly provide an educational benefit. In these cases, it is best to just show the clips if you feel that they truly add to the lesson you are teaching.The movie may not be completely historically accurate.  Movies often play with historical facts to make a better story. Therefore, it is important to point out the historical inaccuracies or students will believe that they are true. If done properly, pointing out the issues with a movie can provide good teachable moments for students. Films do not teach themselves. Showing a movie such as Glory, without putting it in the  historical context  of African-Americans and their role in the Civil War or providing feedback throughout the movie is little better than using the television as a babysitter for your children.There is a perception that watching movies is a bad method of teaching. That is why it is key that if movies are part of a curriculum units resources that they are selected purposefully and that there are properly-created lessons that highlight the information the students are learning. You do not want to get a reputation as the teacher who shows full-length movies which serve little to no purpose, other than as a reward within the classroom setting.Parents might object to specific content within a movie. Be upfront and list the films you will show during the school year. If there are any concerns at all about a movie, send home permission slips for students to return. Include the parents to talk about any concerns they might have before the showing. If a student is not allowed to watch the movie, there should be work to complete in the library while you are showing it to the rest of the class. Movies can be an effective tool for teachers to use with students. The key to success is to choose wisely and create lesson plans that are effective in making the film a learning experience.   Source English Language Arts Standards  » Reading: Literature  » Grade 11-12  » 7. Common Core State Standards Initiative, 2019. English Language Arts Standards  » Reading: Literature  » Grade 8. Common Core State Standards Initiative, 2019. Hidden Figures – Curriculum Discussion Guides. Journeys in Film, April 10, 2017.

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Global Operations Plan-World Fashion-China

Global Operations Plan-World Fashion-China Executive SummaryTeam B is an enthusiastic organization consisting of six of the industry's brightest individuals. We are comprised of technological experts, business professionals, and fashion industry experts. Together, we have more than 100 years of experience in the fashion and retail industry.Our goal is to offer our Chinese consumers an alternative method for purchasing the latest fashions. We take ordinary catalogue shopping to a new level by offering a virtual online catalogue. Our customers are able to mix and match any apparel and accessory in the catalogue and see how it would look like on a virtual model with a similar body shape as the customer. No longer will customers need to take a chance on purchasing various garments and accessories just to find out they are not to their liking.Much research has been conducted to ensure that Team B enters the Chinese market successfully. A joint venture with one of China's most successful and prestigious retailers will allow Team B to enter China; while reducing any political or economic risks.ä ¸ ­Ã¥â€º ½Ã§Å" Ã¤ » ½Ã¤ º ºÃ¥ â€¡GDP分å ¸Æ' Chinese province-level...Team B will become well recognized in China and with the Chinese government with time and the company will be able to establish itself more independently. This plan will allow Team B to build a rapport with both the great people of China and the government.Team B's product will be offered throughout China to offer the fashion-conscientious customer a wide variety of today's latest fashions from Asia, Europe, and North America. As China continues to prosper and grow, Team B's product will be able to offer its customers; elegance and appropriate business attire that will make them stand out at affordable prices.Mission StatementMission statement: To be our customer's first choice in retail clothing by offering them the latest designs from Asia, Europe, and North America...

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Reflection on strategy management tasks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Reflection on strategy management tasks - Essay Example First of all, I made an approach to understand each and every aspects of the task. Then several secondary researches were executed in order to collect suitable information and data within a quick period of time. The PEST analysis was easy to implement in this study. The recent political, economical, technological and economical scenarios of the industry can be obtained easily from text books or other academic journals. These sources helped to provide reliable data and information of the specific industry. Horizon scanning was the most difficult part in this task. It is very much difficult for a manager to estimate future threat and opportunities. Inadequate detection of early signs can affect the financial stability of the firm. On the other hand, the economic and political situation is changing constantly. Therefore, this part of the task has created several initial problems. I learned several significant and important things while completing the first task. Industry analysis and Ho rizon scanning were the two most interesting parts of this task. Through the industry analysis, an analyst can gain important knowledge about the situation of external environment. On the other hand, effective Horizon scanning can increase the future estimation and analytical skill that can increase the productivity of a manager. The second task is all about the

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Amazing Services of Dubai Islamic Bank Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Amazing Services of Dubai Islamic Bank - Article Example An Istisna agreement is usually signed between the representatives of the bank and a person who wants to construct a certain building on an area owned by him. The bank is paid in full according to the agreement after the building has been constructed; this facility is a very good facility. A person who owns the land and wants to construct a hotel can simply approach the bank and get the hotel constructed. This is hassle-free and very convenient. However, there are some very important things which must be kept in mind. 25% down payment on the expected constructions cost is necessary and this sounds very genuine too, there is hardly anything unreasonable about it. The transaction period can be up to 10 years and a lot can change in 10 years. â€Å"We adopt Istisna mode of financing to fulfill your financing requirements in relation to properties, buildings, and villas, etc. Following is a brief outline of this mechanism. If you own, or have a usufruct of, a plot of land and want to construct a property on it and need financing for this purpose, we will sign an Istisna agreement with you to sell the property and then construct the building as per your specifications at our own cost and will get the sale price from you on a deferred payment basis.† Murabaha on Land is another service or product that the Dubai Islamic Bank offers and this is another very intriguing product. â€Å"Literally, Murabaha means selling on profit.† This product is intriguing because the bank buys a piece of land for a client who approaches the bank and the same piece of land is sold to the client and the bank makes a profit in this transaction. The buyer is free from risk because the bank takes the risk for the buyer and this is one great thing. Anyone who is too scared of buying a piece of land because of fraud can approach the bank and buy it after the bank buys it for the client and this is how a client can remain perfectly risk-free and can get a good deal. The down payment has changed when compared to the earlier product, it is 50% now but it was 25% on the earlier product. The transaction period has also changed, it was 10 years on the earlier product but it is 5 years on this one.

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Entrepreneural business concept Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Entrepreneural business concept - Essay Example Thus the agency has to have quality experienced social health based workers in addition to the fully certified nurses, personal attendants and some professional in physical and physiological health. The agency will give assistance for basic recuperation after the patient has been examined by the doctors. We shall plan to attend to the needs of that person such as cleaning, feeding, and administering the medication that patients have been administered (Braveman & Christina12). The opportunity also allows for use of expertise we shall have for doing first aid emergency calls on patients. If the discord suffered is easily manageable, we can attend to that issue. Concept statement Recovering from an incident if ill health is a great miracle that some of us take for granted. Managing to get support as the person is recuperating after having being treated is often a role many hospitals leave to the patients relatives. What happens if the person is elderly does not have parents or relatives living nearby and all neighbors are busy? With the huge population of many areas, it is even is hard for the available Medicare facilities to cater for all patients needs until they are fully well. This is the basis of the agency of home healthcare services. In so doing, the patients are sure that they shall continue to receive the professional monitoring for medical compliance hence recovering fully quickly. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction From the concept statement, it is clear there is need for an organization that will cater for the needs of all persons irrespective of their social status (Braveman & Christina 21). Therefore, introducing an organization that caters for the needs of these people who require plenty of attention and care is the driving force to establish a home care clinic. The clinic to be catering for these needs is Medicare Recovery services. The opportunity at hand is establishing a community based healthcare facility that will help in decongesting the few avai lable local and district as well as national hospitals. It is also to help the patients in cutting down the costs incurred while pursuing health services and accessing them with very minimal interference. A healthy patient’s recovering needs are significant for ensuring that the patient does not suffer relapse. Hence even as these patients are released from the established hospitals, they need first and support especially if they suffer from chronic illnesses. Medicare Recovery is a health services offering business venture that is communally based. Therefore its main client will be the patient from hospital at home recovering or people with special needs such as the elderly and the physically as well as mentally handicapped. As a service, we shall be directly in contact with our clients, attending to them precisely from their homes. This is because we acknowledge the fact that these people will do well if they are monitored in the presence of their loved ones (Han, Thurmon & Wu 26). Moreover knowing that there are no extra bills for bed as would be the case in the hospitals will keep them relaxed. We shall however provide additional holding capacity in our offices so as to accommodate for those who might not desire to stay in their homes or the clients who may need special observation and facilities that may not be availed at their homes. The service center will also have an emergency

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Neurotransmitter Serotonin Cause Depression Psychology Essay

Neurotransmitter Serotonin Cause Depression Psychology Essay According to the World Health Organization, about 121 million people across the globe suffer from depression and the WHO has ranked depression as fourth in a list of most urgent problems worldwide (2). It is the most prevalent psychiatric disorder and is responsible for nearly 850,000 deaths every year. Supporting this fact, statistics have revealed that the use of anti-depressants has soared over 400 percent in the past two decades (3). According to Kresser, a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine, several chemically distinct anti-depressants marketed under trade names such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil now enjoy immense popularity as anti-depressants (4). Amongst the four classes of anti-depressant medication, namely selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), atypical depressants, tricyclic anti-depressants (TCAs) and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), SSRIs have been the most widely prescribed medication by physicians. In this essay, the terms S SRI and anti-depressant will be used interchangeably. The current model of SSRIs assumes that a low level of extracellular neurotransmitter, serotonin, is primarily responsible for depression. Serotonin in our body can be found in two places 80 percent of it in our gastrointestinal tract while the rest in our brain (5). The 80 percent of serotonin function as hormones and they play a role in muscular contractions whereas the 20 percent act as a neurotransmitter in our brain (6). In our brain there are many cells called neurons, which are separated by small gaps. Messages carried by neurotransmitters are delivered from one neuron to another across the gaps. These messages come in the form of chemical impulses, and contain information about mood, behaviour, body temperature, appetite and sleep. Once a neurotransmitter leaves the sending neuron, it will latch onto the receiving neuron and relay chemical impulses over. Then the neurotransmitter returns to its sending neuron to be re-used again this process is called reuptake. On the other hand, if there are inadequate amounts of neurotransmitters, the next impulse does not fire off and messages will not be relayed. (7) SSRIs work to block or slow down the reuptake of serotonin in particular, hence increasing the amount of extracellular serotonin. As a result, more serotonin are present in the gaps which will increase rate of successful transmission of impulses to the receiving neuron. SSRI is hence engineered on the belief that serotonin is the cause of depression. However ever since the advent of the drug and its side-effects exposed, drug researchers are compelled to re-investigate the efficacy of SSRIs, in which confounding results were revealed. The investigation into the serotonin-depression link will not only prevent doctors making inappropriate prescriptions that may not be in the best interest of their patients health, it also allows a clearer definition of the causes of depression. Ultimately, establishing the proper function of serotonin may lead to a ground-breaking change in the methodology of treating depression and related disorders in the psychiatric and pharmacology world. While most people concur with the belief that a deficiency of serotonin is related to depression, some argue that an imbalance in serotonin levels leads to depression. This imbalance theory arises because of the widespread notion that SSRIs are only effective for patients with moderate to severe depression while it is ineffective for mildly depressed patients. The basis of the debate surrounding the efficacy of SSRIs in fact boils down to a deeper problem whether or not the neurotransmitter, serotonin, is related to depression at all. Nevertheless, I oppose both claims of the serotonin-depression link and contest that there is no coherence between levels of serotonin and depression. Up till now, there have no substantial evidence that depression is caused by serotonin deficiency, neither is there one that shows that over stimulation of serotonin causes depression. Efficacy of SSRIs challenged by small drug-placebo difference Many studies have shown that the efficacy of SSRI drugs in the treatment of depression is challenged by low drug-placebo difference scores. Studies to investigate the efficacy of anti-depressants by giving placebos to a controlled group have revealed that the recovery rate of patients who took a glucose pill was equivalent to patients who consumed the anti-depression drug (8). A 2008 meta analysis of the efficacy of SSRIs that was published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), revealed that these anti-depressants have no clinically significant edge over all placebos. By this, it means that it did not meet the drug licensing authority, UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) standards. As evident in the meta analysis, the placebo response groups account for up to 75 percent of all positive effects of anti-depressant medication (9) which shows that 3 in 4 of all patients who reported an increase in heightened emotional well-being were actually consuming sugar pills. O ther studies yielded similar results a study by Khan et al. found a 10 percent difference in level of symptoms when patients consume the inert placebos compared to the active drugs in two separate meta-analyses (10). As the drug-placebo difference is small, it can be seen that regardless of whether SSRI is administered or not, symptoms of depression are still greatly reduced. This implies that serotonin level may not be related to depression at all. Opponents argue that experiments to test the efficacy of SSRIs against inert placebos may not be accurate because the side effects of SSRIs are not mimicked. They claim that commonly known side effects of SSRIs, such as diarrhoea, nausea, dizziness, headaches or even gastrointestinal bleeding (11) may affect patients mood, which in turn underrate the impact of serotonin in lifting depression. This claim is however rejected by many scientific literatures which show counter-evidences. According to Joanna Moncrieff, the co-chair person of Critical Psychiatry Network, when she used active placebos to simulate the adverse-effects of SSRIs in anti-depressant drug trials, results revealed that differences between active placebo and SSRI were significantly small (12). To measure severity of depression before and after the drug trials, the conventional Hamilton Rating Scale of Depression (HRSD) was used. Since it did not meet NICE standards of an improvement in rating score of 3 points to be defined as clinically significant (8), the above studies involving inert and active placebos clearly show that no matter which placebo type was administered active or inert, drug versus placebo significance in anti-depressant efficacy is clinically insignificant. Whether or not the level of serotonin is increased, patients reported a reduction in symptoms of depression, therefore there is little evidence to say that a lack of this neurotransmitter causes depression. Another common belief by proponents of anti-depressants is that initial severity of depression is directly related to the effectiveness of SSRIs, that SSRIs work best for patients with very severe depression. It is thought that over stimulation of serotonin may cause further chemical imbalance in patients suffering from mild depression, hence rendering SSRIs ineffective (13). Thus in order to test this claim, Kirsch et al moved on to investigate whether initial severity of depression affects the efficacy of anti-depressants. He tested on the hypothesis that anti-depressants work only for people suffering from moderate to major depression. In this double-blinded study of 35 clinical trials involving 5,133 subjects, both drug administers and subjects were unknown to results of randomized medication (placebo or SSRI) to prevent sampling biasness and subjects severity of depression was measured by HRSD (14). The test was conducted to see if there is an improvement in the subjects depress ion, measured against their baseline severity and the final conclusion is as follows: patients with an initial moderate depression did not report a drug-placebo difference, patients with an initial severe depression reported a relatively small drug-placebo difference and only for patients situated at the upper end of very severe depression category did the drug-placebo difference fall into the clinically significant criterion by NICE standards (8). Although effectiveness of SSRIs may seem to improve with the severity of depression, further research has revealed a negative coherence between severity and placebo response. As highlighted from Figure 1, the drug-placebo difference reached clinical standards for people with a higher initial severity of depression. Further analysis shows that a higher drug-placebo difference is due to a decrease in improvement of the placebo group rather than due to the effects of SSRIs. Figure 1. Mean Standardized Improvement as a Function of Initial Severity and Treatment Group, Including Only Trials Whose Samples Had High Initial Severity graph.png Source: This implies that the increased benefit for extremely depressed patients seems attributable to a response-deficiency to placebos rather than a heightened response to SSRI medication. Therefore efficacy of SSRI does not increase with severity of depression and increasing amount of serotonin did not work for patients with all levels of depression. Since SSRIs are designed to alleviate depression by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin in our brain cells, it shows that there is no relationship between extracellular serotonin and ones mood. Furthermore, it usually take weeks before effects of anti-depressants are expressed and can be measured by testing for serotonin levels in the blood, yet patients often report relief within hours or days of medication. Therefore this phenomenon demonstrates the lack of correlation between serotonin and depression and gives support to the placebo effect. The lack in correlation is further evidenced by the results of a Force Swim Test (FST). FST, also known as the behavioural despair test, is a conventional anti-depressant screening test which involves using rodents as test subjects. In this test, rats are dropped in an enclosed water cylinder and their movements observed. The struggling time of rats is measured based on the assumption that immobility of rats is directly proportional to their state of depression. For example depressed rats will cease trying and float in the cylinder, which is akin to despair, whereas non-depressed rats will continue to struggle in search of a way out (15). Although it is thought that SSRIs should extend struggling time of rats, final results were inconsistent hence inconclusive (16). The administration of SSRIs in rodents did not make them less susceptible to depression, displaying no direct relationship between serotonin and depression. Nonetheless, it should be noted that experiments done on mice ma y not be entirely accurate in predicting responses in humans (17). The bold assumption made by researchers The serotonin-depression link came about when scientists first discovered that in most depressed patients, the level of serotonin is comparably lower than that in non-depressed people. The amount of serotonin in a humans body was measured by comparing blood samples taken from depressed and healthy people. Subsequently the anti-depressant SSRI was invented, which targets the neurotransmitter serotonin and works to stimulate the production of it. This methodology then raises a few doubts. Firstly, the assumption that blood serotonin and brain serotonin are directly proportional can be contested as it is certainly impossible to measure the amount of serotonin in the brain. Patients who have high levels of serotonin in the blood may have low levels of serotonin in the brain and vice versa. As mentioned earlier, 80 percent of the humans body total serotonin is found in our bloodstream and the rest in the brain. While the level of blood serotonin can be measured, current biomedical technol ogy has yet to transcend the brain barrier. In all clinical trials involving SSRIs, the assumption made is that blood serotonin reflects brain serotonin, which is a very bold one to make. This then creates a paradox in research methodology: the reason for inventing SSRIs instead of feeding serotonin directly to a humans body is due to the blood-brain barrier. Orally ingested serotonin are ineffective as they do not pass through bloodstreams into the brain, that is the digestive system is unparallel to the central nervous system. Whereas SSRIs work because they merely seek to enhance an impulse that is already present, but too feeble to cross the gap. Yet scientists conveniently established a link between serotonin and depression by measuring serotonin in patients blood. It is reasonable to say that since blood serotonin is not proven to be a clear indication of brain serotonin, any positive outcomes of anti-depressant drug trials may not be due to the increase in brain serotonin bu t other unknown factors. This again shows a lack of tangible evidence between the neurotransmitter, serotonin, and depression. Secondly, in all probability that there is a direct attestation of serotonin deficiency in any mental disorder lacking, it is still unclear whether low levels of serotonin causes depression or depression causes a dip in serotonin. Evidences supporting the latter can be based on observations of non-depressed people with low amounts of serotonin. In a 1996 investigation of the biochemistry of depression, attempts made to induce depression by reducing serotonin levels yielded no consistent results (18). Similarly, researchers found that a surge in brain serotonin, arrived at by administering SSRIs, were ineffective at alleviating depression (19). Therefore there is little evidence to support serotonin as a mood chemical. Also problematic for the serotonin-depression claim is the expanding field of research comparing SSRIs to other anti-depression drugs that do not target serotonin specifically (20). For instance, the atypical anti-depressant buproprion (21) and St. Johns Wort (22), which do not alter the level of serotonin were proven to be just as effective as SSRIs in the treatment for depression. Therefore doubts about the serotonin-depression link are acknowledged by many researchers as well as by advocates of SSRIs (23). To supplement my stand, serotonin is not listed as the cause of depression disorder in the  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (24). The American Psychiatric Press Textbook of Clinical Psychiatry (25) also reiterates that serotonin deficiency as an unconfirmed hypothesis (20). In short, there exists no rigorous corroboration of the serotonin theory, which may suggest the reliability of positive drug trials published by drug companies. Conclusion In addition to what textbooks have to say about serotonin, it is important to look at what not being said in scientific literature. There are numerous peer-reviewed articles supporting the disconnect between serotonin and depression however not a single one can be precisely cited to directly endorse claims of a serotonin deficiency in any mental disorders (20). Assuming that blood serotonin is a good measure for brain serotonin, abundant evidences of high placebo significance in anti-depressant drug trials, the rejection of the claim that efficacy of SSRIs depends on severity of depression, and an inconsistent Force Swim Test results indicate that serotonin may not be the cause of depression. No doubt there may be a positive outcomes from the drug trials, however because blood serotonin may not reflect brain serotonin, these outcomes coupled with the above mentioned proofs against the serotonin hypothesis strongly suggest that other factors are involved in depression. The incongruenc e between the scientific literature and the claims made by proponents are prominent, hence I stand for the fact that there is no direct correlation between serotonin level and depression.

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Dead Man Walking :: essays research papers

During the first few weeks of our FYS-X class, the students are required to view the movie â€Å"Dead Man Walking. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to the showing at school, but I rented the DVD from Block Buster Video. I missed an opportunity to gain some bonding time with my classmates, but I could not get off work in the short notice that the class was told about the film viewing. When I viewed film, I had the pleasure of being in my home atmosphere, and I had the opportunity to better concentrate on the movie and the ability to rewind at certain points in the film. Before viewing the film, I was not too excited about having to watch it. I was under the impression that this movie would be boring and more of an educational video. After I watched the movie, I knew that my prediction about it was very inaccurate. â€Å"Dead Man Walking† is one of the finest films I have ever seen, and it has raised my bar of standards for a drama.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The thing that stands out the most about â€Å"Dead Man Walking† is the story. The film is about the death penalty, and the tragic events that lead to it. The story follows Poncelot, a convicted killer, and Helen, a nun, who meet during Poncelot’s death row period, and they both change each other. Poncelot is accused of killing a young couple, and is placed on death row. He writes to Sister Helen, who agrees to come to the prison and visit him. Poncelot immediately says he did not commit the crime, and Helen believes the prisoner. Helen gets Poncelot an attorney, but the attorney fails and Poncelot is sure to be executed by the government. The film does not state a clear bias for the death penalty, but it gives the viewer the chance to decide if capital punishment is right or wrong. At the beginning of the film, the viewer is lead to believe that maybe Poncelot did not actually commit the crime, so someone might believe that his execution would be un fair. During the course of the film, the viewer sees the affects of the victim’s family and the community reactions, and whoever is watching probably feels that whoever actually committed the crime should definitely be punished as harshly as possible. When Poncelot tells Helen that he did indeed commit the crime, the viewer’s feelings about him receiving the death penalty probably change again, but there is so much emotion going on in the scene that one can not help but feel sorry. Dead Man Walking :: essays research papers During the first few weeks of our FYS-X class, the students are required to view the movie â€Å"Dead Man Walking. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to the showing at school, but I rented the DVD from Block Buster Video. I missed an opportunity to gain some bonding time with my classmates, but I could not get off work in the short notice that the class was told about the film viewing. When I viewed film, I had the pleasure of being in my home atmosphere, and I had the opportunity to better concentrate on the movie and the ability to rewind at certain points in the film. Before viewing the film, I was not too excited about having to watch it. I was under the impression that this movie would be boring and more of an educational video. After I watched the movie, I knew that my prediction about it was very inaccurate. â€Å"Dead Man Walking† is one of the finest films I have ever seen, and it has raised my bar of standards for a drama.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The thing that stands out the most about â€Å"Dead Man Walking† is the story. The film is about the death penalty, and the tragic events that lead to it. The story follows Poncelot, a convicted killer, and Helen, a nun, who meet during Poncelot’s death row period, and they both change each other. Poncelot is accused of killing a young couple, and is placed on death row. He writes to Sister Helen, who agrees to come to the prison and visit him. Poncelot immediately says he did not commit the crime, and Helen believes the prisoner. Helen gets Poncelot an attorney, but the attorney fails and Poncelot is sure to be executed by the government. The film does not state a clear bias for the death penalty, but it gives the viewer the chance to decide if capital punishment is right or wrong. At the beginning of the film, the viewer is lead to believe that maybe Poncelot did not actually commit the crime, so someone might believe that his execution would be un fair. During the course of the film, the viewer sees the affects of the victim’s family and the community reactions, and whoever is watching probably feels that whoever actually committed the crime should definitely be punished as harshly as possible. When Poncelot tells Helen that he did indeed commit the crime, the viewer’s feelings about him receiving the death penalty probably change again, but there is so much emotion going on in the scene that one can not help but feel sorry.

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Problem fogel graded

For maxima rule Remote should use option A b. For maximum rule Remote should use option 8 c. For maxima regret Remote should use option A d. For equal probability criterion rule Remote should use option A Chapter 16: Government Regulation of Business 2. When there is a shortage in the industry or firm, it will definitely result in an under allocation of resources. Under allocation can happen without any shortage. For example, if the market is in a monopolistic stage, there is no shortage. The buyers can buy everything they want at a set price.There are various situations where the market can fail due to under allocation of resources that are not caused by shortages. For instance, if the task of minting a building was scheduled to finish at a certain date and there was not enough paint and painters, the manager did not allocate and did not calculate the correct amount of paint needed and did not have enough painters. Thus, a shortage is not a necessary condition for under allocation o f resources. 4. Price gouging seems to occur after natural disasters such as hurricane Strain, Rata, and Sandy.After a disaster, the community is trying to recover from the homes that they have lost and they are trying to get back on their feet. However, many individuals and companies are charging market prices or goods such as gasoline, bottled water and other necessary items at a higher price than the market. According to the FTC price gouging laws are not required, they are counterproductive. For instance, in 2005, after the hurricane Strain and Rata, it caused a shortage in gasoline and it could have possibly triggered an energy emergency (National Center, 2007).If anti- gouging laws are enforced by legislation to lower gas prices than what the market dictates during a supply shortage, FTC said that wholesalers and retailers will run out of gasoline and consumers will be worse off (Stresses, Furthermore, anti-gouging laws end up punishing companies who 2001). Have excess and res erves in advance during a crisis. For instance in the Strain hurricane, one of the lessons learned was to reward companies who have excess of oil and gas at the time when it is greatly needed.

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Effect of Overpopulation Research Paper Example

Effect of Overpopulation Research Paper Example Effect of Overpopulation Paper Effect of Overpopulation Paper When the population takes up all the places, part of the population will be left out. These people may become homeless due to limited housing. More schools, hospitals and transportation are needed. Limited land in Hong Kong cannot be developing continuously. Also, overpopulation will bring up the housing price. In order to adapt to the high rent, people are living under stress. This may lead to the increase of crimes. For example, if a man cannot afford to pay the rent, he may became a thief and steal his neighbors things to get money for the rent. Therefore, it raises the social problems such as homelessness, stress and crime. Furthermore, in the environmental view, overpopulation causes limited spaces in Hong Kong. In order to fit in the huge population, the government needs to develop the rural area into a modern city which causes environmental damage. For example, the government has to remove mountains and drain seas, cut down the trees and build up tall buildings to make more living places. These activities affect the environment and endanger many valuable animals such as the Chinese White Dolphin who hen have no place to live. Moreover, due to the cutting down of trees and suffering from the serious traffic congestion, the air quality is poor. These affect the citizens health and cause diseases. Therefore, most Hong Kong people have a weak respiratory system. A Hong Kong study showed higher levels of bronchial hyperactivity (BAR) in children living in a more polluted area. As a result, air pollution affects Hong Kong peoples health seriously. Apart from the social and environmental problems, overpopulation also brings the economic problem of unemployment. Nowadays, the high quality of education is more competitive in this global market. Each year, large amounts of students are joined into the working society. The employers have more choices to choose their ideal employees. However, the demand of jobs is larger than the job market can supply. It comes up with unemployment. Students who have no special talent or educational background may not be able to get the jobs. For example, I have a friend who only finished the high school level. He was unemployed for three years due to his low educational level. Even though he got a job, he was working for a very low salary. Thus, the unemployed cannot afford the daily expense and the economy in Hong Kong will be affected. In conclusion, overpopulation affects Hong Kong in many different ways: socially, environmentally and economically. These will cause serious problems. Since the population is increasing continuously and the land is limited, we need to solve the population overflow as soon as possible. One of the solutions is birth control. The government should create more plans to deal with the problems.

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Albert Hofmann and the Invention of LSD

Albert Hofmann and the Invention of LSD LSD was first synthesized on November 16, 1938, by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann in Sandoz Laboratories in Basle, Switzerland. However, it was a few years before Albert Hofmann realized what he had invented. LSD, known as LSD-25 or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, is a psychoactive hallucinogenic drug. LSD-25 LSD-25 was the twenty-fifth compound developed during Albert Hofmanns study of amides of Lysergic acid, hence the name. LSD is considered a semi-synthetic chemical. The natural component of LSD-25 is lysergic acid, a type of ergot alkaloid that is naturally made by the ergot fungus, though a synthesizing process is necessary to create the drug. LSD was being developed by Sandoz Laboratories as a possible circulatory and respiratory stimulant. Other ergot alkaloids had been studied for medicinal purposes. For example, one ergot was used to induce childbirth. Discovery as a Hallucinogen It was not until 1943 that Albert Hofmann discovered the hallucinogenic properties of LSD. LSD has a chemical structure that is very similar to the neurotransmitter called serotonin. However, it is still not clear what produces all the effects of LSD. According to a Road Junky writer, Albert Hoffman deliberately dosed himself [after a milder accidental dose] with just 25 mg, an amount he didnt imagine would produce any effect. Hoffman got on his bicycle and rode home [from the Lab] and arrived in a state of panic. He felt he was losing his grip on sanity and could only think to ask for milk from the neighbors to counter the poisoning. Albert Hoffman's Trip Albert Hoffman wrote this about his LSD experience, Everything in the room spun around, and the familiar objects and pieces of furniture assumed grotesque, threatening forms. The lady next door, whom I scarcely recognized, brought me milk†¦ She was no longer Mrs. R., but rather a malevolent, insidious witch with a colored mask.† Sandoz Laboratories, the only company to manufacture and sell LSD, first marketed the drug in 1947 under the trade name Delysid. Legal Status It is legal to buy Lysergic acid in the U.S. However, it is illegal to process Lysergic acid into lysergic acid diethylamide, the psychoactive drug LSD.

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The effect of the Spanish American war on Cuban immigration to the Essay

The effect of the Spanish American war on Cuban immigration to the U.S. in the early 20th century - Essay Example This essay considers the nature of the Spanish American War as a seminal event in American history that had a tremendous influence on Cuban immigration to the United States. Spanish control of Cuba had dated back unto the early colonial period, as it was Christopher Columbus who first discovered the island in the 15th century. Cuban immigration to the United States had been prevalent as the two nations developed throughout the proceeding centuries, but greatly increased in the years immediately preceding the Spanish and American War. While this was in part brought on by the increased levels of revolutionary strife occurring throughout the country during this period, after the fall of the Spanish empire despotic rule in the Cuban colony greatly increased. It was during this period that Cuban farmers and intellectuals who had previously supported Spanish rule began to alter their perceptions and gradually support independence Indeed, prior to the Spanish American War, Cubans had engaged in a series of conflicts in an attempt to gain independence from Spanish rule (Corbitt 1963). Through the Ten Years’ War, the Little War, and the War of ’95, Cubans made strides to asserting their independence, although these wars were ultimately unsuccessful. During this period Cubans immigrated to the United States to avoid what they believed was oppressive Spanish rule, as well as to gain supporters for their revolutionary efforts. Cuban was an impoverished nation and country and the revolutionists didn’t have money for supplies to advance their revolutionary agenda. This poverty and internal strife also contributed in great part to the increased levels of immigration (Paterson 1996). Gradually, it was in great part due to the Cuban immigrants that moved to the United States and shifted public perception of the conflict that led to the United States involvement in the Spanish American War. The Cuban

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Equity and the law of trusts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Equity and the law of trusts - Essay Example Family lives and also the rules and regulations related to family evolved in Scotland laws.2. Scotland Act 2006 is basically talking about the rules and regulations which are reflecting the family life and are a part of the lives of the people. There are majorly three areas which the reforms cover which include covering the rules and regulations regarding children safety and the safety of the rights of children and their interest. Promotion of stable families along with supporting a firm family system. The rules and regulations should reflect the family life of Scotland and should depict the real and true family life of Scotland. Cohabitant refers to couple who are living together as husband or wife or even as civil partners. As per the Scotland rule and regulations if someone is living with their parents for many years they still do not have right over their property like married people. Act 2006 abolished the rules made for the couple who lived together and thought of getting marri ed. Scotland Act 2006 safeguards the rights of cohabitants particularly referring to cases where the relationship breaks down or if one partner dies. It clearly distinguishes between the rights of people who are married , are civil partners with those who were living together.3 There is a booklet which is based on the marriage which is produced by the Scottish executive along with civil partnerships based in Scotland which was produced by Scottish Executive which needs to be clearly read and understood by the people who are preparing to start a living in relationship or people who are trying to move in with their partners thus a proper formal commitment is essential to be established.4 1 Hugh James solicitors (2009).   2 (2012) 3 Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006." 4 Scotland Act 2006." Scotland Act 2006. The rules and regulations in the Scotland Act 2006 covers the rules and rights of opposite sex partners living in together and it excludes the couples which are of same sex. The law of Scotland talks about the commodity distribution and sharing as well between the couples , when the couple was living together and when it separated. 5 If the couples are not able to come up with a mutual consent of the commodity distribution which includes the household goods the law will make an assumption that it is for both of them and it should be jointly shared. 6 There should also be an equal distribution which is made of the money from the allowances which are made by the couples of the expenses and property of the house. The house where the couple is living in is excluded from this. Here also financial provisions are kept in mind once the relationship ended which basically means that if one partner left his/her job so that she/he can take care of the house or even the children if any, here the partner can ask the court to keep in account the ability of the partner to earn money which he/she ignored for the benefit of the house and relationship after the relationship ended. 7 If the partners had any children while they were living together , the cost of the child care will be equally sharing the cost just like they were before the relationship ended. If one of the partner dies without a proper will, in that care there is a right which is applied by the court

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Tracking Legislation in Northern Virginia (ie Fairfax, Arlington, Essay

Tracking Legislation in Northern Virginia (ie Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria) (Issues Transportation, Immigration, Guns, Taxes) - Essay Example The bill also removes a subsection that makes offenses in the rest of the section secondary offenses. This bill simply means that Virginia drivers ages 15, 16 and 17 will not be able to talk, send text, messages or snap photos with a phone while driving on Virginia roads. This ban, designed to reduce accidents, also will apply to hands-free devices but will allow teens to use a phone during an emergency. This HB 942 affects me and all the young road drivers who pass by the highways and roads of the State of Virginia. The bill puts a limit on the number of passengers one can bring with and it also institutes a driving clinic for errant young drivers. The first major provision of the bill states that "whenever the driving record of a person less than 19 years old shows that he has been convicted of committing, when he was less than 18 years old, (i) an offense for which demerit points have been assessed or are assessable under Article 19 ( 46.2-489 et seq.) of this chapter or (ii) a violation of any provision of Article 12 ( 46.2-1091 et seq.) or Article 13 ( 46.2-1095 et seq.) of Chapter 10 of this title, the Commissioner shall direct such person to attend a driver improvement clinic." The second major provision states that "If any person less than 19 years old is convicted a second time of committing, when he was less than 18 years old, (i) an offense for which demerit points have b een assessed or are assessable under Article 19 ( 46.2-489 et seq.) of this chapter or (ii) a violation of any provision of Article 12 ( 46.2-1091 et seq.) or Article 13 ( 46.2-1095 et seq.) of Chapter 10 of this title, the Commissioner shall suspend such person's driver's license or privilege to operate a motor vehicle for 90 days. Such suspension shall be consecutive to, and not concurrent with, any other period of license suspension, revocation or denial. The initial license issued to any person younger than 18 years of age shall be deemed a provisional driver's license. Until the holder is 18 years old, a provisional driver's license shall not authorize its holder to operate a motor vehicle with more than one passenger The general public is helped positively by this new bill since it reinforces the importance of road safety among Virginia' young drivers. The bill has a negative impact on young drivers since they have to forego the convenience of using wireless devices while driving. However, if one takes the importance of road safety at heart, the young people also benefit in terms of lives saved and the preservation of private property arising from damage due to potential road accidents. The main goal of a traffic safety program is dedicated to saving lives and reducing injuries by preventing traffic crashes in Virginia. The aim is the maximum protection of the driving public. The success of these efforts is seen in the number of lives saved and the injuries prevented. Traffic fatalities were identified as the leading cause of death, especially for young people between the ages of four and 34. The "years of life lost" as a result of these terrible events make their social costs particularly high. Many of these tragic losses of lives could have been prevented with better traffic safety bills. Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine wants more traffic safety bills in order to reduce accidents and injuries due to erring drivers. Traffic safety is an important issue since Virginia had suffered from many traffic accidents which had resulted in the loss of many lives. For instance, Virginia's 2004 rate of 1.17 fatalities per 100 million vehicle-miles of travel was lower than the national average of 1.44 per 100

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Conducting Scholarly Research Essay Example for Free

Conducting Scholarly Research Essay Conducting Scholarly Research The following tutorials and information are mandatory, though no assignment is required to be submitted. The skills developed in these tutorials will be used throughout the nursing program. Evaluating the resources you use One of the major challenges today, with the sheer amount of information available at your fingertips via the Web, is determining the reliability of the information presented. It can be quite difficult to determine the quality, authenticity, and authority of the information you encounter. However, there are a number of tools and skills at your disposal that help to determine if the information you find is trustworthy and of academic quality. Watch the Evaluating Websites tutorial to learn more about how to determine the quality of information found on the Web. Review the tutorial: â€Å"Evaluating Websites,† located at What makes a resource scholarly? Throughout your courses at GCU you will be encouraged to use scholarly resources to support your assignments and discussion questions. But what is a scholarly source? Simply put, a scholarly source is a resource or research created, published, and or written by scholars and professionals in a specific discipline. In addition, a scholarly source should have undergone rigorous fact checking and peer review to ensure the research and information presented is of strong academic quality. The bulk of scholarly resources can be found in books and academic and/or professional journals. A large majority of these are research based. A scholar or professional may publish articles in other resources, such as in magazines, newspapers, and even Web sites and blogs. However, these sources do not go through the rigorous fact checking that is expected from scholarly journals. This rigorous fact checking is called peer review. When a scholar or professional submits their article to be published the journal will send the article to another expert in the field to review the work. The reviewer will look to see that the quality is high, the research sound, and the  conclusions in line with the work presented. If it is approved, it will then be published in the journal. This process gives students like you the added confidence in the resource being used. How to find Scholarly Research The Web is filled with information and resources. It is possible to find scholarly articles and research on the Web. However, most will ask that you pay a fee to read the article. The GCU library has subscribed to a number of the journals so that you do not need to pay to read the research. These journals and articles are contained in collections called Databases. Some are multidisciplinary, but most are specific to a subject area. For instance, in nursing, the strongest databases include CINAHL, OVID, and the ProQuest Nursing Allied Health Source. These can be found on the Nursing subject page in the GCU library. Watch the â€Å"GCU Library Walk Through Tutorial† to learn how to access the library and its vast resources. The â€Å"GCU Library Walk Through Tutorial† is located at Watch the CINAHL Tutorial to learn more about how to specifically use this nursing specific database. Pay special attention to the section discussing subject headings. Learning to use tools like these will help you design effective search strategies and significantly reduce the time and frustration that comes with research. The CINAHL Tutorial is located at The GCU library has a number of Librarians and staffed trained specifically to assist you with your research. Please contact them if you have questions or concerns with finding information. They can help walk you through the technical aspects of using a database and assist in developing search strategies that will enable you to find the information you need. Call them at 800.800.9776 ext. 6396641 or email them at using the form at Scholarly Writing Writing will be a large part of the work expected in this program. Scholarly writing can often be intimidating, but there are a number of resources GCU has provided to ease this strain and help you learn to write good scholarly papers. A key to scholarly writing is using evidence to support your arguments. The skills you learn as a researcher will aid you in your writing. The purpose of education is to build your knowledge and the purpose of academia is to contribute to and build the knowledge of the culture as a whole. By taking the research and writings of others and evaluating and adding it as essential pieces of your own research, you then move the knowledge of both yourself and the community to the next step. To enable this process, it is essential to cite where the information is found that is used in your papers. This is why scholars use citation styles, such as APA, to standardize how this is done and allow others to easily follow from where the information has come. This is, of course, in addition to the ethical reasons that argue that one should be acknowledged for the work that is done. Watch the tutorials below to learn more about scholarly writing and what resources are available to you. The Writing Center, located in the Student Success Center Writing in APA Tutorial Plagiarism Tutorial LoudCloud Tutorial The Writing Process Tutorial The Center for Learning Advancement has a number of staff and tutors available to assist you in your academic writing. In addition they have a number of resources available at the click of a button. Find out more at

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The Effective Use of Symbolism in Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby Essay

The Great Gatsby is one of the finest pieces of literature written in the 20th century. It explores the nature of westerners during hardships and other social problems. The Great Gatsby is not just a mere historical novel from 1920’s. Fitzgerald gives a great in depth analysis of the lives of ordinary people through the characters and the symbols in this book. Through these characters and symbols Fitzgerald portrays on the lack of moral and spiritual values of the people and different aspects of the society. One of the three of main symbols used in Great Gatsby is the valley of ashes. â€Å"Immediately the ash-gray men swarm up with leaden spades and stir up an impenetrable cloud, which screens their obscure operations from your sight† (Fitzgerald 23). This gray land suggests the ignorance and careless ness of the wealthy during the 20th century. All these rich ever dreamed about was their growth rather the growth as a nation. This use of symbolism illustrates the vast amounts of unexplored real world by the rich, and how they always live in their own circle of people believing that money is the only thing in this world. The other side of this symbolism is the reality of the lives of people, for example Mr. Wilson, helpless, he passed his long life in his garage with his unhappy wife, and how the rude arrogant behavior of the rich in the end turned him into a murderer. This indicates that how the rich people like Tom acted as a barrier. These people oppressed the poor the whole time, and did not even give them the opportunity to grow in their status rather used their hopelessness for their own desires. On the contrary to the above symbol, the next symbolism depicts the goal and future based of a human being, which is the green ... ... the injustice; in this story the wealthy. Mr. Wilson looking at the billboard claims, â€Å"god sees everything† (Fitzgerald 160). Only poor and honest people like George Wilson could see god. This explains the blindness of the wealthy and how god favored only ethical people. Fitzgerald suggests that everyone is accountable to god and even though it may seem that nobody is watching you that moment, there is always a spiritual power recording all your sins. The author brings about this suggestion as a warning to the people, and explains how the people were not aware of this caution during the 1920’s. The rich were deeply immersed in the ocean of wealth and were not able to swim their way out. In conclusion, Fitzgerald clearly sums up the problems that people face through his effective use of symbolism. He also reveals many interesting facts about the lives of people.

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Stephen King’s Biography Essay -- american authors, the stand

Stephen King was one most of the popular American authors in history. He was born in Portland, Marine on Sept 21, 1947. He was raised by his mother, Nellie Pillsbury, and his father, Donald King. Today, Stephen King and his wife, Tabitha King, are living in Florida. â€Å"He and Tabitha Spruce married in January of 1971. He met Tabitha in the stacks of the Fog Library at the University of Maine at Orono, where they both worked as students.† (King) He published his first horror novel while study at the University. â€Å"While at college, King supported his education and family’s hard pressed finance by taking small jobs and selling stories to various magazines.† During his early career, he was famous for a series of horror novel called, â€Å"Dark Tower Stories†. In the late 1990s, he was injured by a car crash which resulted in a very bad condition in his leg and lung, too (â€Å"Stephen Edwin King†). Now, he and his wife support local community charities and a scholarship for local high school students in Florida (King). Stephen King show of his life where it has influences of his writing and how it did impact many people. King’s fascination with honor of fact his writing throughout his career. The first evidence of Stephen King being very interest in horror showed in his work in his early education (â€Å"Stephen Edwin King†). He read a scary comic book which affected how he wrote (â€Å"Biography of Stephen King†). â€Å"Much of King’s early works were science fiction based, but because he lacked the scientific grounding, they tended to be a bit thin on detail, but still excellent for someone of his age.† Later, he combined science fiction and fantasy in his writing to have more eff... ...21006/Top- ten-Stephen-King-books.html>. King, Stephen. "The Stand." Goodreads Inc, 11 Feb 2014. Web. 11 Feb 2014. . King, Tabitha. "The Author." Stephen King, 06 Feb 2014. Web. 6 Feb 2014. . "Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition." Stephen King , 23 Apr 2012. Web. 9 Feb 2014. /stand:_the_complete__uncut_edition_the.html>. "Stephen Edwin King." FAMOUS PEOPLE, 06 Feb 2014. Web. 6 Feb 2014. edwin-king-34.php>. "Stephen King." N.p., 14 Feb 2014. Web. 14 Feb 2014. .

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The word Debutante, or Deb, in French, is a word which means a young lady is introduced to the Society. In the Philippines, a Debutante's Ball is very popular, a milestone event and widely celebrated when a young Filipina teenager reaches the age of 18. Normally, a grand party is hosted by the family with huge budget sometimes more expensive than a wedding.One of the traditions and usually the highlight of the Debutante's Ball is the Grand Cotillion Waltz where the Debutante, her Escort and their Court (9 Pairs) will perform a highly -choreographed dance.Part of the tradition is where the Dad takes the 1st dance of the night, usually a waltz dance. A typical practice too is that this dance is a part of the 18 Roses dance.It's when 18 pre-selected men starting with the Debutante's Father will present her with 18 roses as they dance to a very special song. Usually the Debutante picks the dancers, which includes family members, friends, classmate, neighbors, cousin, brothers, her Father and sometimes the boyfriend.Absolutely a must do in a Debutante's Ball, the 18 Candles is when 18 women, beginning with the Debutante's Mother, each present the Debutante a lighted candle symbolizing one year of the Debutante's life. As the candles are presented, the participants often say a word of encouragement and/or birthday wishes.A relatively new practice, where 18 pre-selected guests presents the Debutante a gift that the Debutante shall treasure as she journey into womanhood. Each participant typically announces what is the gift all about and the reason/s why she or he chose that particular gift.We will not miss when the Debutante, after the guests sing together a birthday song, takes the center stage and cut the beautiful and elegant cake then one by one blow all the 18 candles.Also a part of the celebration is when the Debutante, getting ready to party, changed outfit and take the center stage to thank all those who is responsible for putting this party together, as well appreciating the presence of the all the guests. Normally, dancing starts after the Debutante's speech.

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Hendrix essays

Hendrix essays Jimi Hendrix lived his life as a Musician, Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter. He also pioneered the electric guitar, a right handed Fender Strat, upside-down and left-handed. He was one of the most original and influential people of all time. James Marshall Hendrix was born November 27, 1942 in Seattle, Washington. He taught himself to play in his school boy days. He then enlisted himself in the Army as a parachute jumper, but an injury led to discharge. He then became a session guitarist known as Jimmy James. After gigging with Little Richard in 1964, he got entangled in a contract dispute and left to form his own band, Jimmy James and the Blue Flames. One night at a New York club, Chas Chandler encountered him and in the fall of 1966, took him to London. After Making several albums including; Axis: Bold as Love and Electric Ladyland, Hendrix and bassist Redding grew apart and intoxicated by over-indulgence in drugs, Hendrix thought that Management was cheating him. In 1969 the Experience disbanded. In the summer of 69 he played at woodstock. He later formed the Band of Gypsies, and started a double album in the mid-1970s, but was never finished when he died September 18, 1970, due to inhalation of vomit after barbiturate intoxication. ...

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michaelagelo essays

michaelagelo essays Michelangelo Di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni is known as the greatest sculptor of the sixteenth century. He was known in the same magnitude as Donatello in the fifteenth century and Bernini in the seventh century. Michelangelo was not only a renowned Italian Renaissance sculpture and painter, but also an architect and poet. He exerted an paralleled influence on the development of Western art(Encyclopedia Britannica, 1994). The Artist that is known around the world simply as, Michelangelo resisted a paintbrush. He often claimed that his only tool would be the chisel. Born at Caprise, in Tuscany on March 6, 1475, he was the second of five boys. Even though he was born in Tuscany, he considered himself from Florence. This loyalty to Florence would later help shape his life. He was sensitive about being considered an artist, and treated as if he ran a shop. Michelangelo would later profess that his family paid taxes and held government posts in Florence for three hundred years. This would place him among the citys upper echelon. With this would come wealth, land, and social status, and this disconnected Michelangelo from the fellow artists. Michelangelos mother became very sick and could not take care of the future painter of the Sistine Chapel, so he was placed with a nurse, in a family of stone cutters. This is where Michelangelo was first exposed to stone working. This would help explain how he developed his own personal style at the tender age of sixteen. Michelangelo first showed this personal style in two relief sculptures, The Battle of the Centaurs, and The Madonna of the Stairs (Both 1489-92, Casa Buonarroti, Florence). Along with these two sculptures, Michelangelos early style is shown in the marble David. Michelangelo worked on this gigantic (4.34 m/ 14.24 ft) stature between 1501 and 1504. He chose to represent David as an athlet ...