Monday, November 18, 2019

Entrepreneural business concept Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Entrepreneural business concept - Essay Example Thus the agency has to have quality experienced social health based workers in addition to the fully certified nurses, personal attendants and some professional in physical and physiological health. The agency will give assistance for basic recuperation after the patient has been examined by the doctors. We shall plan to attend to the needs of that person such as cleaning, feeding, and administering the medication that patients have been administered (Braveman & Christina12). The opportunity also allows for use of expertise we shall have for doing first aid emergency calls on patients. If the discord suffered is easily manageable, we can attend to that issue. Concept statement Recovering from an incident if ill health is a great miracle that some of us take for granted. Managing to get support as the person is recuperating after having being treated is often a role many hospitals leave to the patients relatives. What happens if the person is elderly does not have parents or relatives living nearby and all neighbors are busy? With the huge population of many areas, it is even is hard for the available Medicare facilities to cater for all patients needs until they are fully well. This is the basis of the agency of home healthcare services. In so doing, the patients are sure that they shall continue to receive the professional monitoring for medical compliance hence recovering fully quickly. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction From the concept statement, it is clear there is need for an organization that will cater for the needs of all persons irrespective of their social status (Braveman & Christina 21). Therefore, introducing an organization that caters for the needs of these people who require plenty of attention and care is the driving force to establish a home care clinic. The clinic to be catering for these needs is Medicare Recovery services. The opportunity at hand is establishing a community based healthcare facility that will help in decongesting the few avai lable local and district as well as national hospitals. It is also to help the patients in cutting down the costs incurred while pursuing health services and accessing them with very minimal interference. A healthy patient’s recovering needs are significant for ensuring that the patient does not suffer relapse. Hence even as these patients are released from the established hospitals, they need first and support especially if they suffer from chronic illnesses. Medicare Recovery is a health services offering business venture that is communally based. Therefore its main client will be the patient from hospital at home recovering or people with special needs such as the elderly and the physically as well as mentally handicapped. As a service, we shall be directly in contact with our clients, attending to them precisely from their homes. This is because we acknowledge the fact that these people will do well if they are monitored in the presence of their loved ones (Han, Thurmon & Wu 26). Moreover knowing that there are no extra bills for bed as would be the case in the hospitals will keep them relaxed. We shall however provide additional holding capacity in our offices so as to accommodate for those who might not desire to stay in their homes or the clients who may need special observation and facilities that may not be availed at their homes. The service center will also have an emergency

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