Monday, July 29, 2019

Electrical Engineering Project of Jewish General Hospital Research Paper

Electrical Engineering Project of Jewish General Hospital - Research Paper Example The purpose of this project was to perform extensive repairs to the old emergency generator #1 located in the basement floor of the Jewish General Hospital (JGH). Many of these repairs consisted of replacing the starters of the generator, replacing the hoses and probes for temperature and pressure, and replacing the wiring of the generator’s engine. In addition, the alternator had to be dismantled in order for Hewitt Equipment Limited Inc. to verify it, clean it, and replace the bearings. However, we realized that it would be impossible for Hewitt Inc. workers to move the alternator out of its present location due to the fact that it was too big compared to the entrance door of that room. Therefore, my role as a project manager was to contact an entrepreneur that will create a new opening as well as install new doors in that room in order for â€Å"Hewitt Inc.† workers to be able to move the alternator out the room without any issues. To do so, I first had to contact an architect known as David Gordon from â€Å"Rubin & Rotman associates† for drawings of the proposed opening and the dimensions of the new doors. For example, Mr. Gordon recommended that only a double door made out of insulated with thermal breezes must be installed in the generator’s room. He also mentioned that the double door must have an opening angle of 180 degrees as well as a fire resistance of 90 minutes. Furthermore, I had to approve the drawings sent by the architect before proceeding with the project and fill out a â€Å"direct purchase requisition† of $4500 for all of the professional services in architecture. It was important to know that the architect was also responsible for coordinating all of the architectural work, which consisted of a new opening and the installation of new doors in the generator’s room, with the subcontractors.     

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