Saturday, July 27, 2019

Group project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Group project - Essay Example ication of the value that an organization’s product or service has to offer, social media is one tool that is being used by organizations throughout the world to communicate their product’s value. The use of social media in order to enlighten internal as well as external customers regarding the value of a product as well as a service is regarded as social media marketing. Social media marketing has existed for several years since the internet became accessible by the common population. Organizations started to realize its great importance and impact when websites were introduced. The term social media marketing used in present day is mostly used to refer to the marketing activities that are conducted by marketers with the use of several social networking outlets. These outlets have completely redefined the practice of marketing and are no longer limited to the way marketing was performed with the use of internet websites. Several social media outlets have been created to further assist marketers in attracting new as well as retaining old customers. Some of the most famous social media marketing outlets that are explored by marketers throughout the world on daily basis includes the Facebook, Twitter, mobile phones, Google+ and various others. The introduction of these social media outlets has resulted in helping the marketers to perform their marketin g activities in a much effective and efficient manner. These media outlets help marketers in performing various roles that they were performing without these innovations but in a much comprehensive manner as compared to before the existence of social media. There are various organizations that have successfully implemented the use of social media in their businesses and have benefited a great deal. One such company is the Domino’s Pizza which is very successful running pizza chain. The organization published a video on the social media of YouTube and the video was focused on a prank. The video became highly

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