Wednesday, January 22, 2020

American History :: History of America

The Space Race The goal of Apollo 11 was to send men to the moon, this goal was set by jfk in the year 1961. they landed on the July 20th 1969. The men who were aboard the ship were Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins. These men were (other than Collins) the first people to ever to walk on the moon. The event was televised to millions of American homes. There were also three backup crew members who didn’t go into space: James Lovell, Fred Haise, and William Anders. The crew conducted many science experiments as well as leaving an american flag on the moon. The flag has since been bleached white by the suns unrelenting power. The first man on the moon is so important to the history of America because it solidified the country as a superpower. If Russia had beaten America to the moon, they would been the country to reach that pinnacle of space science. It also would have crushed the hopes and dreams of Americans young and old alike. With the US and Russia locked in the cold war, the American people needed a confidence boost, and they got it when they won the space race. 1st Black President In election of 2008, the candidates running were Barack Obama and John McCain. Obama won, making him the first African American President in American history. Throughout history African Americans were treated as lesser to whites and Obama overcame those stereotypes and became president. There was some speculation that Obama wasn’t actually from America, but these were put to rest when he released his birth certificate. Some issues during the election were the war in Iraq, economic downturn, and LGBT issues. American history is full of examples of minorities such as blacks being kept down. Slavery was a huge black mark on the nation’s history. It is one of the main factors for racism toward African Americans in our culture. Blacks were often seen and treated as lesser people, and having a president who is part of this minority is huge step forward in racial equality. since Obama was elected there have been more black candidates running for office. Nuclear bombs The conception of the nuclear bomb began when Albert Einstein wrote FDR a letter concerning the weapons and how powerful they had the potential to be. On July 1945 The first bomb was tested, and the scientists were pleased with the result of the test.

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