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Establish and support your position regarding whether or not today's Essay

Establish and support your position regarding whether or not today's United States government functions as it was intended to - Essay Example II. James Madison on good governance. This section contains James Madison teaching on good governance. It highlights how the United States governance structure does not function as to the expectations of James Madison, contained in his teachings. It identifies the role of state government and what the federal government ought to do. III. Alexander Hamilton on government expenditures. This section contains an analysis on how the government of USA is unable to balance its budget. It also highlights the role of government in enhancing commerce, as advocated for by the founders. It analyzes Alexander Hamilton teachings on how government ought to spend their revenues. IV. James Madison on diversity within a state. This section highlights the importance of encouraging different talents within a state. This section highlights James Madison argument against affirmative action, and on how it can lead to the erosion of different talents within a state. V. Opposing viewpoints. This section cont ains various arguments that support the federal government’s policies and governance procedures. ... I. Introduction: The expectations of the founding fathers are unmet in the current government functions and structure of the United States of America. The founding fathers of the state never had in their mind that the Federal government will usurp powers that the state governments have, or deny some individuals their basis rights. They believed that possession of numerous powers by the Federal government would not result to the proper functioning of the Union. This is because it would promote inappropriate spending. The founding fathers had a vision to create a federal union that would respect the constitution. However, this is not the case as of today, since the federal government of US has on numerous occasions created laws that breach the constitution. A good example of such kind of a law is the defense and marriage act of 1996. Robinson (31) denotes that the act gave authority to the state government, allowing them not to recognize same sex marriages, even if the marriage occurre d in a State that recognizes such kind of marriages. The Supreme Court of America ruled that the law was unconstitutional. Bailey (15) and Robinson (37) believe that this law was against the principles of equality, and right to pursuant of happiness According to the principles contained in the declaration of rights, men have a right to the pursuit of happiness, life and liberty (Bailyn 13). On this basis, this paper analyzes whether the Federal government of the United States of America is operating in accordance to the visions that the founding fathers of the country had. This paper takes the following stands, 1. The congress has managed to usurp the powers given to the judiciary, and limiting its operations. 2. The federal government spends more money than it has

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