Friday, August 2, 2019

On-Screen Violence and Children Essay -- essays research papers

Helping our children be successful in school today can improve their success in the world of work tomorrow. There are many studies and programs developed to help children behave well in school. However, I believe that in order to understand the problems of children demeanor, we have to concentrate not on creating more programs to punish that kind of behavior, but rather understand the causes which contribute to having it on the first place. We need to look behind the problem and try to figure out, where it comes from. Thousand of researches have been made trying to understand why this generation experiences behavior difficulties. The most common conclusion they have reached was that screen violence, which include TV, radio, music, games, all the entertainment involving violence and course language, is harmful and is one of the reasons young generation fail to have good manners, and involves in aggressive activities. Johnathon L. Freedman is one of those academic researchers who try to provide scientific evidence to support the notion that media violence and its effect on aggression is crucial to young children. As taking his notion for true to many people, I would argue that there is no conclusive empirical support of proving such correlation exist and there is no evidence of harmful effect to the present and future actions of the children. The evidences which support that there is any correlation (between the aggression and bad influence of children due to media violence) have failed to consider the high number of children who watch violence, the acceptance of correlation as cause, and the historical evidence of aggression which may have affected the children long before violent entertainment came into play in their lif... ... institutional organization working well. First, make sure children do well in the earlier educational process and do not miss any important knowledge which will be essential in the future. Keep in eye on the friends, and the school progress of the child. If it appears that he/she has a minor behaviour problems try to resolve it as soon as possible because if a kid gets labeled from the society as being problematic, this impression is very difficult to change. Second, a child must learn how to participate in the system of employment. Having good recommendation letters, previous experience, and good academic record will help to get a well paid job. Last, once you get a nice working positions continue to educate in the sphere of your work. Being on the top of new technology and using it in the course of you job will help succeed in the world of capitalism.

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