Saturday, September 28, 2019

Business btec level 3 unit 2 P1 Essay

In this task I am going to be defining the recruitment process and documentation components. Recruitment is a process in which allows businesses to obtain selected qualified people to attend to a job vacancy. The recruitment process is the steps in order to successfully pick suitable employees that match the specifications. There are typically seven steps included in the recruitment process to ensure the right person is selected: There are usually four main types of documentation that is included in the recruitment processÍ ¾ job description, person specification, application form and legal contract. The job description is a document stating the initial role of the job that is being advertised and allows candidates to know what they are applying for and for them to prepare for their interview. Job descriptions are used through all stages of the recruitment process as a description is often included in the advertisement, a candidate will then see the expectations again during an interview along with successful candidates revisiting this document when they begin the job. The job description usually states the main roles and responsibilities that the job requires and the hours that you are expected to work. Person specification is a document in which allows employers to figure out whether applicants are worth interviewing as they state the essential and desirable requirements includingÍ ¾ skills, experience, qualifications and knowledge. The person specification is drawn up at the same time as the job description and is most likely to also be available on the advertisement. Along with the job description, person specification is also a component of the short ­listing stage however it may not be revisited again. Application forms are the most typical way of applying for a job however there are two other different forms of application documentationÍ ¾ CV and cover letter. A CV is used to summarise your qualifications, experience and any other information. A cover letter is usually attached with your CV or application form to basically sell yourself to the employer and let them know why you’re the perfect candidate. Application forms are usually used when you’re applying for the job and then are revisited in your interview. The last form of documentation for the application process is the legal contract in which is used when you receive the job. The legal document is between you and the employer and states all the terms and conditions including the shifts, rules and regulations and expe

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