Thursday, October 17, 2019

Halecar and Mid Lans Automotive Two cultures merge Coursework - 1

Halecar and Mid Lans Automotive Two cultures merge - Coursework Example The first is that there is the need to bring together two potentially conflicting cultures and practices under one single corporate structure(Armstrong, 2012). The second issue includes adjusting the individual HR practices and systems in each of the organisations in order to eliminate errors and inefficiencies of the past(Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to critique the circumstances relating to the systems and practices of the two companies. This will be done on the context of historical practices and processes. From there, the paper will recommend a way forward in improving the HR system, organisational culture and other practices for the achievement of the corporate strategy of the newly formed car manufacturer – Mid Lancashire Automotive. The facts of the case brings to the fore, important pointers and issues that can be used to diagnose HR and Organisational Behaviour concerns. These issues can be used to streamline the structures of the new company, Mid Lancashire Automotive and give the blueprints for the creation of a new and a better entity that will achieve better results. The ultimate end is to develop a good HRM strategy that will operate within an appropriate Corporate Strategy to ensure efficiency and effectiveness that will lead to competitive advantage and ensure the survival of the new company in turbulent times. There are three main classes of issues that are of relevance to this analysis. First of all, there is a case of the issues inherent in HaleCars. Secondly, there are issues with Mid Lancs which come with unique implications for a new human resource management strategy. Finally, there are the conflicts that will arise as a result of trying to link up the two entities into one entity. The organisational culture of HaleCars is one that is built around the specialisation and focus of the firm because they only do a few cars at a given point in time and this kind of bespoke and extreme

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