Monday, October 7, 2019

Identify an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial venture that has Research Paper

Identify an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial venture that has leveraged global and social media - Research Paper Example The company involved its business owners from the onset to close of their operations. The company attempted to avoid promotional messages to the clients but rather involve them in the entire process of business (Hibbard 1). Sandoval indicates that Microsoft covers over 100 countries; thus, has a responsibility to advance their social as well as economic opportunities (152). This, therefore, led to the sharing of Microsoft messages that touched on â€Å"Your Office, Your Terms† slogan which led to more likes on Facebook and follows on Twitter (Hibbard 1). What I liked the most about the Microsoft’s approach in leveraging social media is the incorporation of women in their campaigns as the women occupy a considerable percentage of the audience group (Hibbard 1). I also loved the aspect that the company opted not to focus on promotion messages but emphasized on the usability of the site and how to improve their experience of the site. This explains why the Microsoft campaign led to more likes than expected. The female executives were targeted, and through file sharing and web conferencing, their businesses grew with a huge margin. What was exceptional and effective about the Microsoft’s approach was the editorial calendar. This calendar as Hibbard indicates included the mix of women who are in businesses (1). Through this platform, the women were provided with a platform for making discussions and post their contributions as far as business deals were concerned. It is through this calendar that the company managed to publish the stories of about 30 women in less than two months. In their social media-based initiative, the venture achieved social action as opposed to the usual interactions (Hibbard 1). The bloggers and users of the social media sites of the Microsoft page were engaged in learning more from the site such as the women who were

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