Friday, October 18, 2019

Problem Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Problem Organization - Essay Example This paper hereby describes the historical context of CBHF referring to its vision and mission along with various other factors to assess the actual problem inherent to its discontinuation suggesting remedial measures which could have assisted in neglecting such a consequence. Introduction Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (CBHF), which was established as a non-profit organization to rescue the victims of 2010 earthquake in Haiti, was on a verge of closing down its operations on December 31, 2012. The reason behind closing the organization of CBHF Bush Haiti Fund was reported to be the insufficiency of adequate funds for the development of individuals in the socio-demographic region of Haiti. It has also been observed that there is further requirement of nation building in the regions of Haiti; however, an insignificant numbers of members are observed to be interested in providing hard work for the organization. In addition, the inadequacy of funds that had been raised for the development of t he region and to execute other necessary operations of the non-profit organization can also be regarded as a threat to the sustenance of CBHF. Owing to its deteriorating financial stance, the organization also had to face bankruptcy risks which again caused severe threat to its existence and effectiveness or success in delivering the intended facilities to the community people in Haiti (Daniel, 2012). To make the matter worse, the organization has been disregarded to be eligible to acquire funds in terms of donations from its stakeholders since 31st December, 2012 thus contributing towards its financially deteriorating health (Foundation Center, 2013). Moreover, the organizational members were heavily criticized for inefficiency in providing effective decisions for the betterment of Haiti people in the society along with lacking any report for substantial progress which accumulatively caused the problems for CBHF (Weisbrot, 2013). With reference to this case example, the paper inten ds to discuss on the history, outcomes, law in practice, and solutions for the problems witnessed by CBHF. The paper also discusses on ethical issues of the organization providing rational recommendations for future avoidance of such problems. History CBHF is a non-profit organization established in the year 2010, with a vision and mission to assist the population in Haiti and therefore contributing towards building the country in a better way. As per its norms being a non-profit organization, CBHF has been utilizing the donation gathered through grants, loans and investments in equity for promotion of growth of job along with sustainable development of the entire economy. On its establishment, the organization envisioned towards fostering diversity and competitiveness of the economy of Haiti with the support of prevalent nonprofit organizations and focusing on partnering with profit entities (Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, 2010). Mission The mission of the organization had been to delive r consistent assistance to the people living in the society of Haiti in deprivation of adequate basic amenities. Moreover, promotion of economic opportunities was also considered as an important mission of the organization (Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, 2010). Key Individuals The key individuals, associated with the organization since its establishment, were reported to be the two former US Presidents, Mr. Bill

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